What is energy healing and why would you choose it out of all other modalities? Well for starters, I believe that energy work and healing the the truest form of healing. Our entire universe is made of pure energy, each vibrating at different densities. We are also a soul, made up of energy, here living a human experience. When we experience an injury, a trauma, illness, so on and so forth, that is simply a collection of energy that can become stuck and stagnant and manifests as what we experience as an emotion or symptom. Emotions and symptoms are simply messengers to something deeper. Our bodies are extremely intelligent and powerful, and normally know exactly what to do to repair and heal itself without interference. And while that intelligence works with our higher selves, sometimes we come up against these “road-blocks,” such as past-life contracts, vows, limiting patterns and beliefs, and unbalanced karma. Like I mentioned, we are a soul comprised of energy, and energy cannot be destroyed. There is also no such thing as time and space. Time and space are only human concepts that helps structure our reality. So when you’re clearing something from a past life, which most of us have, you’re clearing it in real-time. Through this work, we’re also able to clear something you may not need to experience in a future lifetime. See where I’m going here?

There are so many components that are touched upon in an energy work session, and everyone’s experience is going to be different. It’s my mission to bring this work to the mainstream, to remove the fear and stigma that surrounds this work as well as metaphysics, and bridge the gap. Whatever you find yourself experiencing in your life, in every are of your life, there is an energetic root somewhere in your body, your subconscious, and/or unconscious, and it is ALL able to be healed! You are here to be unconditionally happy, healthy, and loved, and I’m here to reconnect you back to that truth.

Two of the most important pillars and foundations of my work is self-love (which of course includes self-worth) and self-care. I created Soulful Alchemmy to help you give back to yourself! When I committed to my own healing and ritual practice, I felt more grounded, and I felt able to give back from a full cup, rather than depleting myself as I’ve done time and time in the past. I want to help you create your own self-care and self-love rituals that you can take with you wherever you go, to help you cultivate a practice of filling your own cup first, because at the end of the day, it starts with us and it starts from within. I want to help you create and manifest a life of your dreams, free from old stuff that may be consciously or unconsciously hindering your growth. The inner work we do on ourselves is not always easy or glamorous, but it’s necessary. And I’m here to help you in the most powerful, effective, safest and sacred way possible.