Working with me is a very unique experience, and one that will help you feel both deeply reconnected to yourself and the world around you. I incorporate many different facets of healing in session such as guided meditation, self-inquiry, and discussion; and everyone’s experience is going to be different. And the reason why this type of work is so effective is because energy transcends time and space. What does it mean? It means that our past, present, and future is happening concurrently and by connecting to whatever is laying at the root in the present can and will be healed in real-time! It’s ok if some of this doesn’t make sense now because a part of you already knows, and you will learn more as we go.

Two of the most important pillars and foundations of my work is self-love (which includes self-worth) and self-care. It all begins and ends with us, meaning the world you perceive and experience is for the majority a reflection of what’s happening inside yourself. I want to help you create and manifest a life of your dreams, free from old stuff that may be subconsciously or unconsciously hindering your growth. The inner work we do on ourselves is not always easy or all “light & love” all the time, but it’s necessary. And I’m here to help you in the most powerful, effective, and safest way possible.

I offer multiple ways to work together, which you can learn more about at the links below and schedule your session!

Intuitively Customized & Channeled Guided Meditations

Energy Healing & Coaching and Intuitive Strategy & Manifestation Single Sessions

1/3/6 Month Retainers – Contact directly for rates

As mentioned previously, healing & self-discovery is an on-going process, and when we begin to dig into long-standing issues or patterns mentally and emotionally, it can take time. I am also a firm believer that it’s important to make myself as available as possible during our time together so that you not only see results, but feel supported and accountable. So in these retainers, we will not only have times set aside for sessions & follow-ups, but consider me your on-demand healer and consultant. You will have access to me for any guidance you need, consultation, and support between sessions to help you navigate life as it happens in real-time. This is what it’s all about, putting what you learn into practice and witnessing the different results and shifts for yourself! I really love to compare our work together to what it would be like to take class at Hogwarts! This is the way to love yourself, your life, and the world again.