What a time we’re living in, am I right?! While it’s a time filled with a lot of uncertainty with the appearance of fear and emotional turmoil, it’s also a time of rebirth. It’s a time to become more mindful and proactive on an individual and collective level. And I want to support you in not only making the most of this time we’re being given, but I want to help you take the best care of yourself at this trying time on a holistic level.

As human beings, we tend to want what we don’t have, which has now been translated into a level of anxiety from the fact that we cannot come and go as we please, and it feels as though it’s playing a little heavier on our mental and emotional health. So what’s happening now is all the buried, unhealed unhealthy patterns (mentally, emotionally, physically), limiting beliefs, past wounds and traumas are now finding their way to the surface, making themselves known consciously not only due to the extra time on our hands, but  the collective energy of healing that’s the theme right now. Whatever we feel now, whatever we are experiencing right now has always been there, but now a little bit more enunciated and in our faces. I want to help you make sense of it all.

If you know me, you know I’m all about blending the mystical with the practical, the modern with the esoteric. However if it helps, the mystical and esoteric is backed by science the more it’s understood! What I really want you to understand is that our physical health is predetermined by our mental and emotional health. Like a choreographed dance, the mind leads and the body follows. So what does this mean? It means that all dis-ease, illness, even viruses begin as a vibration (everything is energy remember?), and when we release a particular vibration through healing or making a change, the body is brought back into ease and what we know as wellness. Now some of these concepts might be new to you and that’s OK. Bear with me and allow me to break down some easy, mindful, and practical practices to take care of yourself now and beyond in holistic way!

This is a crucial time to be more mindful and pay extra attention & TLC to our mental & emotional health. What many of us are feeling is an extreme sense of loss of control over our lives, and an experience of containment and confinement. Maybe a feeling of powerlessness. This might be playing extra hard on anyone who already suffers from chronic anxiety and depression. So allow me to clarify the purpose of our current situation. If you look back on your life up until this point, and ask yourself honestly, how much control did you really ever have? We’re being asked to take a closer look in order to make the necessary adjustments to have the kind of life we really desire. The best semblance of control we do have is the power of self-awareness and self-inquiry. Some ways I recommend for a starting point would be through developing a journal practice, or simply learning practices of emotional intelligence. When something triggers you, there’s an experience that’s still claiming ownership of you. And when you feel the urge to respond from this place, take a moment and observe what’s coming up and question it. We always have control over how we perceive the world to be and how we respond. What’s coming up for a lot of people right now is a deeper range of emotion, and a surge at that! Unresolved feelings are finally making their way to the surface to be given movement and freedom. So whatever it is you feel right now, honor it and just be. Don’t judge it or feel the need to make sense of it. Your emotions are not your identity. Read that again. But there is a difference between feeling and allowing feelings like anger and fear to take hold of you and that’s not a place we want to stay.

Another practice recommended to me by my teacher and mentor is to do something for yourself before anytime someone asks you for something. Remember that we cannot pour from an empty cup! For example, if your kids or partner asks you to do something, you can do something as simple as having a glass of water which is an act of self-care!

We can also use our breath as medicine, hence a whole healing modality called breathwork! There are some easy practices to learn in order to assist you in grounding and centering yourself, even re-calibrating your nervous system. Kundalini yoga is a beautiful modality to look into which combines breath, meditation, movement, and mantra.

And of course there’s meditation. There’s a lot of misinformation around the topic out there so here are some key points. Meditation is a practice that connects you to something bigger than yourself and to a deeper part of yourself. While some people are into silent meditation as a consistent practice, it could be going for a walk out in nature or a form of movement (we’ll get to that more in a min). It’s a mind-body practices with a host of benefits which you can begin easily. I often recommend to any beginners to do the following – At the start of your day before you even open your eyes, practice taking a few deep, cleansing breaths, bringing your awareness to your heart space and through the body. Set the intention to breathe into a spots carrying tension. And then coming back to the heart, check in with yourself. Ask how you’re feeling and what you need that day. And allow yourself to be guided. You may have an inspired idea later on that will answer this question. This is also a beautiful practice to begin connecting with and developing your intuition, which we all have! This practice can take all of 5 minutes and can set your day up for success by releasing stress and overwhelm.

One piece of advice my mom always gave me was to focus on what’s in front of me. Don’t move onto the next thing or take up any mental space until that moment comes. Break things down into steps if you need to. Do your best to only focus on what you know you can control and trust that you are capable of handling anything else life throws your way.

If you feel the need to just ‘be’ one moment or one day, take that time. And when you feel the urge or inspiration to create, follow that. This is also the take to make the most of what comes up for you in that arena. Our current situation is also asking us to pivot. Look to any hobbies or talents as a new means for financial abundance. How can you step up and be of service for others in new and creative ways? Now’s the time to pursue.

Try to have as much as a routine as possible, especially making time and space for self-care practices throughout your day. If you are working from home at this time, take regular breaks to get up and stretch, keep a regular meal schedule, and try a pair of blue-light blockers if you’re spending a lot of time at a computer. I have a pair from Diff which I love! Do your best to wake up and go to sleep around the same times to keep your equilibrium intact.

After we tend to our emotional and mental health can we really focus on the improving the physical!

One of the ways to support ourselves right now and generally is through movement! And again, find a practice that works for you. Something that will keep your attention and help you stay committed and accountable. Dancing is a powerful practice not just in the realm of physical fitness, but helping any stuck or stagnant emotions and energy to move & release from our bodies. You don’t have to learn a routine or try zumba. First thing in the morning or anytime you find yourself doing a mundane chore like doing the dishes or folding laundry, blast your favorite music and have a sporadic dance party! No one’s watching you so go crazy. Allow yourself to move intuitively and go as hard or soft as necessary. Shake it off and cry it out. You’ll be amazed at the relief and freedom you’ll feel afterwards.

If you want to go a traditional route such as strength training or yoga, set up your space so it feels warm and inviting. I’ve found that so many studios have turned to virtual classes which gives the added benefit of connection and community. Lift some weights or do some squats while you binge your favorite show. When you go to do your yoga practice, try it in the evening. Create a mood by lighting some candles, incense, or diffusing some essential oils. This could also improve your sleep which is very important for us. 30 minutes 3x a week is all we need so no need for any sort of pressure.

Create self-care practices that make you feel nourished! I love creating spa days for myself, using face & hair masks and putting together salt baths with crystals, essential oils, and flowers! Play around with diy recipes like homemade coffee, salt, or sugar scrubs or face masks using the ingredients from your kitchen. Treat your family and friends by whipping up a batch for them too! Have some fresh herbs like eucalyptus and sage? Hang and dry them out to create your own cleansing smudge stick! Getting crafty is a beautiful way to connect to your inner child, expand & develop your creative energy, and support your manifestation practice.

Now let’s talk a little bit about immunity. I won’t go too in-depth here because I have another post where I go more in-depth with the best practices to boost your immune system, some of my fave supplements, and my personal homemade bone broth recipe! When we’re supporting ourselves internally by emotional healing and energy work, we have little use for physical supplements. However, they have their moments. One that I recommend above all else is a high-quality probiotic. Our immune system lives in the gut, and when that’s running smoothly we also have a better handle over our emotions. Another that can really support you in a digestive enzyme. Even if we have a whole-food based diet, we may not be fully absorbing the nutrients effectively which is where the enzyme comes in.

Keep your space clean! Having an organized and clutter-free space will not only help you feel more at peace, but dust can also hold stagnant energy and some lower vibrations! Pay attention to how you feel emotionally the next time you dust or clean an area. You can immediately feel more uplifted sometimes! This is also a perfect time to do a little Marie Kondo-ing and purge your home. Get rid of old documents, receipts, clothes that no longer fit or bring you joy, etc. And have fun with it! Play music and pour yourself your favorite bevvy! This will also free you up to bring in better, fresher energy and abundance.

Bringing some awareness and attention to the virus specifically now, I want to pass along some intuitive knowledge from my teacher that will help you stay vigilant and out of alignment to even contract it. Our energy works like a magnet that draws experiences that we are either a match for based on the beliefs we carry in the subconscious mind, or lessons we need to learn. These are the following “ingredients” that we need to pay attention that would make us a match. You’ll notice a few of them root back to our level of self-worth:

– The feeling or belief that we’re unable to protect ourselves in some capacity

– Feeling any sort of insignificance somewhere in our lives

– Feeling stuck or that things won’t/can’t improve or get better

– Overwhelm

– Not feeling recognized, heard, or seen. Not feeling worthy to speak your truth or take up space. You’ll notice that the virus is attacking our lungs & respiratory system which represents our ability to speak up or speak our truth

– Feeling like you’re not who you once were in a negative way

One of the purposes of this virus is to create the feeling that we have no control and create a reliance on people and things outside of ourselves. It wants us to feel isolated and dependent, and create a barrier to our intuition. So you’ll notice most of us feel a lot of these things yet it doesn’t necessarily make us a match! And this is where a good intuition practice comes in and will assist us in doing an internal inventory, which is something I’m able to help you develop. Just because we might be a match also does not mean we’ll contract anything! This also means that our “cure” lives inside of us and begins with a practice of self-awareness. It’s crucial not to give into any kind of fear, regardless of what you see or what’s happening around you. This is our time to learn how to become our own healer. Learn not to take everything at face value because there is always a bigger picture, especially right here right now. This is the great awakening you’ve heard everyone talk about. This is less about spirituality but more about learning how to live and thrive as a human being.

Try some of these practices to start calming your mind, grounding your emotions, and staying as healthy as possible. Find what works and leave what doesn’t, but allow yourself to be reminded that you do have control over how your life goes for you. We are each creating our lives with every thought and in every moment. Take it moment by moment and day by day and you’ll see results, you’ll witness real transformation, and most importantly, you’ll feel better. You’ll also inspire those around you which will create a ripple effect of more goodness, more love, and more positivity! I also invite you to revisit past blog posts where I’ve gone more in-depth on many of these practices and principles, and book a session with me if you’re looking for deeper support, more understanding, or feel the desire to take action.

As I’m sitting down to write this, all I have playing in my head right now is Scar’s song in The Lion King, Be Prepared. Now I’ve never been in the girl scouts, but I’ve always resonated with their motto of being prepared. And I’m gonna give you the most relatable example I can think of.

This one’s mainly for my ladies. How many of you remember getting either a late night or last min text from that guy you liked and then immediately turned your attention to whether or not you’re prepared…’down there’?! Or maybe you just haven’t shaved your legs. We’ve ALL been there and of course there’s never going to be any judgment.

I want to tie this in with that feeling many of us have in different areas of not feeling ready. Not feeling ready to wear the bathing suit or even be intimate with someone because of any negative feelings around our bodies, not feeling ready to commit to something that will lead to the change we’re seeking, not feeling ready to launch a new business or creative project. I can go on. And one of the most common excuses I hear and even held onto for awhile is that “it’s going to take too long.” But I want to remind you of something. The only constant in life IS change and the time will pass anyway, so even if we committed at LEAST 1% of effort, it is something that’s going to move you ahead. That’s always the case I feel, where we look back on all the time that’s passed thinking nothing’s changed in our lives when everything has changed! Maybe how we respond to things, the people we’re surrounded by, and just look at our skin and our bodies – we age!

So as someone who had a major pattern of procrastination, I’ve started implementing new habits little by little. The minute I know there’s something I need to do even if I can’t do it right away, I’ll write it down or put a note with a reminder in my phone. As someone who struggles with working out, I’ve incorporated more stretching and foam rolling to at least make sure I’m taking care of my joints. I’ll take the stairs or park my car further away in a parking lot to get some more steps in. I don’t have a partner in my life right now but I do all the maintenance things, keep myself groomed, and personal hygiene in check because it’s healthy AND I want to be prepared for anything at a moments’ notice, ya know what I’m sayin’? I’ve been better about keeping my home clean and organized because it makes me feel better to wake up to in the mornings and keeps me at piece if I have last minute guests. Let me tell you, I’ve come a long way there. Your girl hates putting away laundry! LOL.

If you’re reading this, you know that a big piece of manifestation is acting as if, and this is that. Keeping your resume in check so you can go after that dream job at a moments’ notice. Loving yourself and taking care of yourself in the way that you want to be loved and taken care of, not to mention for purpose of just making sure you feel good at a moments’ notice! Doing the emotional work and healing now so that you are ready for all the opportunities you’re seeking to find you, including a romantic partner you’re calling in. This is all a big reason I’m passionate about helping people understand the importance of self-awareness and accountability, being able to recognize a limiting belief or pattern AND knowing how to easily and effectively do the work necessary.

It all counts and it all matters, but more than that, you matter and the first and most important person you need to keep your game on point for is yourself!

Can I confess something? I’ve been having some trouble visualizing lately which has been leading to some frustration around my manifestation practice. And if you’re reading this, you’re already aware that the key to aligning is being able to experience all of your senses as you’re visualizing what it is you desire to call in or heal.

But I had an intuitive thought where I was brought back to my elementary school days when I was first figuring out what kind of student I was. Just like we were maybe more of a visual learner than audible, or vice versa, we might be stronger with one of our senses than another. It’s also similar to how we’re sometimes stronger with one spiritual sense than another, i.e. the different clairs. And we can use our predominant sense in order to help us achieve our goals.

Another thing that a lot of us know is that it’s a great practice to do things that get us into the energy of what it is we desire, but even that can be a little broad, right? So I want to give you a few ways to help your embodiment practice become a little easier, so you experience quicker alignment and tangible manifestations.

Let’s say you’re calling in your romantic partner and one thing you’ve always wanted to do with them is cook together! So what you can do right now is set aside a night and create the mood first. Maybe tidy up your place, light some candles, play the music you would want to play when the two of you are together, maybe pour yourself a glass of good wine. Put on a killer outfit…one that makes you really feelin’ yourself! Every detail counts, act as if! Feel the excitement and anticipation. And then get cookin’! Experience all the smells, the sounds, and the tastes, and once you start getting into a groove, it’ll be a little easier to either visualize your partner or at least feel their energy beside you. Call them in! And I’ll tell you another little secret, if you’re worried about “wasting and outfit” or having similar thoughts, remember that you need to treat yourself like the queen or king you are first and foremost, because when we treat ourselves in such regard, we will attract a partner on the same wavelength who SEE you for who you are and treat you as such.

Another thing I’ve started doing to shift my energy and stay consistent is utilizing incense and my diffuser with specific essential oils to signal my mind and my body that it’s time to settle in and do my meditation or movement practice. Scent is a big one for me and really has the capacity to provoke comfy, cozy vibes, get me ready for energy work or moon rituals, or energize me and keep me alert.

The magic here is to find what works for you individually, what provokes a full body, full sensory experience that will captivate and motivate you to get you into whatever kind of space you need to be in to take action or get into alignment!

As we start to find our footing during this time of uncertainty, many of us are becoming proactive,. We’re (hopefully) turning our focus inward in order to observe what’s actually in our control right now, what we can do about it, and take the best care of ourselves as possible! We’re also starting to cultivate a future we desire to experience.

I don’t know about you, but there have been too many times in my life to count where I had so many desires and intentions at one time, but because I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start, I didn’t take any action at all! And that led to a vicious cycle of feeling stuck in my life and everything just became stagnant. You too? Welcome to the club! We’re not as exclusive as it may seem!

I’d like to share my personal practice with you that I’ve begun implementing, leading to quicker results, leaving me feeling more uplifted throughout my day and has actually helped me with some time management.

We all share similar desires — manifesting a romantic relationship, more money, a healthier body, a more fit and toned body, you get the gist; and I’ve found through my own personal experience and that of my clients’ through the intuitive guidance and direction we receive, that some of these intentions require the same action steps in order to align with that vibration. But what they also share in common is one question that is the first place to start: Who do I need to be in order to be/do/have this?

More on that in a minute.

I want you to start by writing down all your current intentions. Put your rational mind aside and think BIG. Write from the place of remembrance that you are an eternal, unlimited being capable of creating and receiving all that your heart desires. If you don’t really consider yourself spiritual and I’ve already lost you, let’s just say use your imagination! And if you kind of feel like you’re faking it, that’s OK too. Just write out everything that you really want, releasing any rational thoughts or the need to justify anything. Then separate them into categories: Career, Relationships, Health, etc.

Here is where the self-exploration starts. Looking at these intentions, how is it going to feel once you’ve accomplished or achieved your desire? Would you feel at peace? Free? More relaxed or happy? Abundant? Supported? Write these down to next to the intention.

Now here is where I highly suggest either having a meditation practice or a few minutes each day where you can sit in peace and quiet, find stillness, and tune in before you begin your day, preferably at the beginning of your day. If this requires waking up a few minutes early, can you commit to yourself in order to set your day up for success? Great. So looking at your intentions first thing, go down the list and ask what is required of you or what can you do that day in order to either align with the person you need to be or take one step forward. I’ll give you some examples:

Let’s say you were calling in romantic love. We ultimately need to be the partner we’re calling in since that’s what will be mirrored back to us, so you may receive guidance on a self-love or self-care practice for the day. You might feel inspired to buy yourself some flowers, take yourself out on a date, or do some deeper work around any limiting beliefs of self-worth. If your health is at the forefront of your mind, maybe your guidance for the day is to get some movement in, make yourself a nourishing meal, or doing some emotional healing centered around your relationship with your body.

Now here is where it gets interesting. Circling back on how the action steps might hit a couple intentions at once, one day you might be guided or feel inspired to check out a wellness workshop or try a new fitness class where you may indeed meet the love of your life while also doing something beneficial for your mind, body, and soul. See what I mean?

I’d like to mention that this practice will continue to assist you in deepening and expanding your intuitive channel and strengthening your spiritual gifts while moving you quickly into alignment with the universe, where you WILL experience more and more synchronicities. Synchronicities are like little winks from above that you’re on the right path. The more you become aware and pay attention, the more signs and messages will show up.

So as you move down your list, make sure to write down the action steps you receive. If you don’t at first, that’s OK! As long as you ask and remain open, it might come to you as an inspired idea later on in the day while you’re doing something else, and usually something where you’re not in your head so much and more in your body. And as you move through the day and take action on each thing, check it off your list. This is a great way to stay committed, organize your time and your day, and surrender any attachments or worries to the universe. You are doing your part and now it’s time to let the universe take over!

The practice and art of manifestation is co-creation after all!


I recommend practicing a little bit every day as little steps lead to big changes, and you’ll realize you’re moving farther along than you realize. This will help you really come back into a harmonious co-creative relationship with the divine. This practice is also just a taste of the 1:1 Intuitive Strategy sessions I offer, so if you find you could use deeper support in this area, I highly recommend scheduling a session HERE or booking a call with me at soulfulalchemmy@gmail.com. These sessions are designed to help get you clarity FAST and align with the version of you who’s already on the other side. You will leave the session knowing exactly what action steps to take along with feeling more uplifted and inspired!

Our bodies are always talking to us, conveying messages that will ultimately assist us elsewhere in our lives such as career, finances, and relationships. And another piece of the puzzle was shown to me last night that I’d like to share with you.

I’ve spoken about this in previous posts, but when I was diagnosed my bladder issue, I was also diagnosed with something called vulvar vestibulitis or vestibuladynia. It’s an unexplainable nerve condition of the vagina, and how they diagnose it is lightly touching Q-tip to each of the 4 nerve points at the internal opening of the vagina and if you jump off the table in pain screaming bloody murder, you have it. I’m not sure of the statistics, but many women than we realize suffer from this condition and in silence at that!

This condition mostly took its toll on my romantic relationships because it made sex pretty much unbearable, and this led to thoughts and beliefs of, “who’s going to want me or love me with this?” I didn’t feel or believe I was normal and worthy of a relationship, so I subconsciously pushed prospects away. Lonely, right? I either suffered through, wanting to die inside from the pain, or I wasn’t intimate with anyone at all. I believed that if someone did love me and I had the relationship with someone, I would only be a burden to them. I also felt this way about other health conditions I had, with my bladder and my tummy.

So after doing all the mainstream treatments for this to no avail, which you can read more about in earlier posts, I came at it from an energetic perspective. I healed, cleared, and peeled back layers and layers of past life sexual abuse and trauma, vows of celibacy, and imbalances around my divine feminine. Still, this incredibly painful issue persisted and I believed I was doomed to live with this forever. I’ve had to continuously remind myself that as long as pain or imbalance persists, there’s more to uncover.

But last night after reading a friend’s inst-story that she shared about her own healing journey, her breakthrough led to my breakthrough. Not to be crude here, but let’s think about sex for a minute. The female ultimately “receives” the male through the vagina, leading to a very divine, sacred act – the first step towards the creation of life. And suddenly my breakthrough hit me like a ton of bricks and I began doing a quick life inventory of all the areas where I have NOT currently been allowing myself to ‘receive.’ Life is a constant flow of giving and receiving, each represented by our divine masculine and divine feminine. When we give too much, we become resentful and depleted. When we receive without giving, we withhold, creating another type of lack mentality that if we give what we have, we won’t get it back. An example of this in the body, and more specifically the tummy. If you struggle with persistent bloat and constipation, look to anywhere in your life you might be withholding, such as using love as a rewards system, or a fear of spending money. Or maybe just a blatant pattern of hoarding. Both giving and receiving when out of balance can turn into vicious cycles.

And I just want to hit on something else real quick. When we experience struggle and pain in our bodies, sometimes the first thing we want to do is leave our bodies energetically, creating a disconnect in that relationship instead of committing to coming back to a harmonious partnership, which is something I facilitate in my client sessions after learning how to do this for myself. If you really look at anywhere we experience discomfort in our bodies or external situations (like a disagreement), the first thing we want to do is run away, even shut ourselves down via self-sabotaging patterns in order to avoid pain altogether. This too turns into vicious patterns. Our body is the most important relationship we will ever have in our lives and sets the tone for every other external relationship in some way or another.

So this is what I’ve been sitting with and working through since last night, and lemme tell you, some new layers are coming up to be released, even some limiting beliefs and programming I’ve been holding onto unconsciously about the act of sex itself as well as my role as a divine creator…something we ALL are!

I’ve also begun a new daily practice of beginning my day by filling up my own cup or giving to myself before I show up for the world. For example, I’ll take my time making my morning cup of coffee and a yummy, nourishing breakfast either in silence, listening to mantras or an inspiring podcast, or I’ll get my energy practice and/or meditation in before writing a blog post, sending emails, and posting on Instagram. When we’re in service to ourselves, we’re in service to the world. We’re able to show up more empowered, happier, more peaceful and content which radiates outwards. We give to ourselves so we can receive from others, and vice versa.

So I want to leave you with this – The symptoms in our bodies of pain and discomfort will subside when a connection is made and the lesson is learned.

Perception is everything.

We hear it time and time again. But I want to direct this specifically towards our childhood for the time being.

At some point or another, we’ve all had to work with our inner child. Our subconscious mind is like a sponge and starts to develop between the ages of 0-7, so before we even get to our own experiences in the world, we’re picking up programming from our environment and caretakers, whether that’s our parents, siblings, grandparents, or any other guardians. And then we begin pre-school and elementary school where we’re dealing with our peers and we begin to experience issues around our worth, new fears, and ideas about who we are vs who we’re supposed to be. And many times, all of those things turn into patterns that manifest into adulthood, into our relationships, romantic partnerships, and career.

As human beings, we have this tendency to focus on lack and on “what could be better.” This was certainly the case for me. I’ve spoken in previous posts that I experienced bullying for many years throughout my childhood and teenage years, I had many fears around using my voice and enforcing clear, healthy boundaries, all of which led to chronic dis-ease in my physical body, patterns of people pleasing, one-sided relationships, and and overall resentment towards life. And I would ruminate on all of the negative experiences later on instead of remembering all of the goodness that I also experienced, which was plentiful! I had a very close-knit loving family who to this day makes me laugh harder than anyone else and supports all of my endeavors, we vacationed to amazing places often, I had the coolest swing set on the block and always felt great playing outside by myself or with my friends in the neighborhood, and any toy I wanted I usually got! My point in sharing that bit was to drive home the point that my parents always made sure I was happy and nurtured, always keeping clothes on my back and food on the table. I had been bypassing all of the good by focusing on this constant need to pity myself and heal from the “bad.”

And let me please say that I know this is not the case for everyone! There are people who have suffered much worse forms of trauma, abuse, and physical harm. This conversation is separate from what I am currently sharing.

So the other night I got an intuitive hit while reminiscing on my past. I needed to make a list of all of those happy, positive experiences from my childhood and really give gratitude for each one. It felt so good to start ruminating on all the joyful moments, some of which I had forgotten about! It was like my subconscious was opening up while I was doing this exercise and focusing on the good, reminding me of more and more to feel grateful for! And my friends, you can do this right now when you need an instant mood or vibe shift! For deeper healing, do what I did and put your awareness on your childhood, or let’s say something triggers or annoys you in your day and you begin to spiral, you can shift your perspective and ask yourself, “Was it really a bad week or just a bad 5 minutes?”

By all means, and please do this, feel your feelings as they come up, but remember that you don’t have to stay there if it’s an emotion that doesn’t feel good! I’ve always loved that quote, “Staying angry is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” We also all know someone who always has something to complain about, like the Ross Gellar syndrome as I’ve started calling it. Always walking into a room with their shoulders hunched over, always speaking about how shitty of a day they’re having. That person also used to be me. And the difference between empowering ourselves vs. playing the victim is in our decision to share what’s troubling us but also looking for a creative solution!

And the thing is, it’s up to us to be open for that solution. We have to be willing to want different for ourselves and taking action on that! And how those answers come through will be different for each of us. Some days it might take meditation and inner reflection through sitting quietly, hitting your yoga mat or going for a run, turning on the TV or radio and hearing that perfect message like it was intended for us (many of our guides and higher selves will speak through these modalities and anything that they know will get our attention, or speaking to a trusted loved one.

When I used to come home from school after a bad day or with something to complain about, my mom would say to me “now tell me 3 good things that happened to you today!” It drove me nuts but looking back now I obviously get it, ya know? Sometimes we feel like we need to just “be in it” and it annoys us when someone tells us to think positively. And when someone says that to you, it’s not that they don’t want to listen to you or allow you to vent. They’re acting from the best intentions and trying to help uplift you which will ultimately raise your vibration and begin to turn things around for you.

Life is a duality and we must have a balanced relationship with ourselves and the universe. We miss out on all the miracles life has in store for us when we’re in a rabbit hole of despair. Time is going to pass on by anyway and if we get to choose our emotional response and state of being on a momentary basis, shouldn’t we be a little more practical in empowering ourselves through the challenging times in order to feel as fulfilled as humanely possible during our time here?

Sit with this. Decide to be a little more patient, a little more forgiving, and a little more compassionate with yourself. And then lather, rinse, repeat tomorrow, and the day after, and then the next day, and keep going until it becomes second nature. And that my loves is self-mastery and keeps you in alignment with the ebb + flow of life. Love you X

Before we get into it, I want you to take a minute and close your eyes. Take some deep breaths, center yourself, and bring your awareness inward and to your heart space. Now I want you to do a brief scan and self-reflection from your childhood up until this very moment. Were there any points or moments in your life, maybe in school, in your relationships, at work, where you felt like a side-piece or “background character” of sorts? Was there ever a moment in time where you’ve mentally asked yourself, “why not me” or “what about me”?

If the answer is yes, congrats! You’re like every other human being out there that’s ever existed. And I want to tell you that those pivotal moments were opportunities to check in with yourself and see that they were both calls for love and empowerment.

Each of us came here to be the fullest expression of our unique soul in a human experience. And those experiences will always be either one of love or a call for love. You came here with your own gifts, abilities, path, and impact, so it stands to reason that we’re supposed to be that shining star of that experience, ya?

I always felt like an outsider. I started kindergarten a few weeks later than my peers because of major eye surgery at 5 years old. From elementary school and all the way through high school, I felt like the background character and sidekick to my closest girlfriends I deemed prettier than me and got attention from guys while I got passed over without a glance. At home being the youngest of 3, I got plenty of attention, but everywhere else it always felt like someone else’s show. And of course when we’re at an early age, not to mention no one really spoke freely of personal development practices and empowerment until recently, we just think this is the way it is and develop a warped, wounded sense of worth, am I right?

But now we know different, most of us hopefully. And this is one of the purposes of inner child healing, because if those past wounds, traumas, and experiences have been left unattended, they will continue to fester in our subconscious and recreate themselves in our present. For me this pattern has continued to show up in my social life and business in the wellness industry. That wound of “feeling left out” has continued to rear its ugly head. The best way to describe it would be this feeling an pattern of being slighted, which I know energetically is still lingering. I would take it extremely personal when friends would get together and wouldn’t invite me. It often felt like there would be people who wanted to friends with my friends over me. And forget it when someone wouldn’t hire me or choose me to work with. It’s a deep hurt when it feels like we’re invisible, which I’ve struggled with for almost my entire existence.

But as I said, these moments are opportunities, and the feelings they evoke are messages from our emotional intelligence, letting us know where we’re out of alignment. With what, you ask? Ourselves and our power. The truth is, the spotlight has always been intended to be yours in your life, and if it hasn’t felt like that, it’s time to rewrite your script. The purpose of empowerment work is to put you back in the driver’s seat of your own life experience and realign you with who you came here to be and what you came here to do. You’re a magnificent being with big ideas, dreams, and desires that you came here to manifest and create into tangible reality. That is your legacy! The way things are and the way things used to be are not the way things HAVE to be!! Those experiences hold the lessons you need to learn right now in order to alter the course of your reality. It’s not ego. Your soul and your highest self did not come here to sit on the sidelines and waste time. He/she came here determined with a mission, not to mention your guides have work to do through you!

I want to offer you a couple reflection questions and an exercise for you to do with the full moon in Aries this weekend, which is all about the Self, and boldness of Self at that. This will be incredibly healing holistically and to that beautiful inner child where you will also begin reprogramming the subconscious in order to manifest a new reality.

Make a list of alllll those times you felt like you were off to the side, and one by one go through and objectively look at each experience, and intuitively ask that version of yourself at that age how that experience felt and what they needed. Some instances may call for forgiveness of yourself and/or others while some may just need to be acknowledged and felt instead of having those feelings suppressed. Maybe we were shamed in some way as being too sensitive (I was) or for being vulnerable. Being vulnerable and your ability to feel is a testament of true inner strength, and anyone who taught us otherwise did so out of their own fear. Take a breath.

And now taking stock of the present and acknowledging where these similar patterns may be showing up, what can you do differently? How can you start showing up differently, knowing and trusting that you deserve to be seen and heard, that you came here to take up space? When we heal in the now, we heal for our past as well as for future generations. What would happen if you stopped walking into a room hunched over like Ross Geller and started walking like The Rock? If we’ve been programmed to be or act a certain way for a long time, change won’t happen overnight. Baby steps. How can you start showing up and acting like your fullest expression of Self? Meditate on that. Free-write. Your soul and highest self have those answers, but you need to take the time to get quiet and listen. They’re waiting to talk to you!

OK guys, so this is a topic I feel incredibly passionate about. I want to open the dialogue about how the entertainment industry has a healthy and acceptable place in our society. Since an early age, I have felt a deeply intense connection and soul pull with the business of entertainment. It’s an industry that employs millions of people, provides a creative outlet for storytelling and artistic expression in a variety of ways, and serves as a space of connection and inspiration. And just like any other industry or aspect of our life experience, there are just as many minuses as there are pluses.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already aware of vibrations and forces of light vs. dark. Our universe is multi-dimensional and filled with an array of each. Unfortunately, Hollywood, along with social media platforms mind you, has become overrun with dark forces, programming and embedding lower vibration messages into advertisements, inside music during emotionally-charged moments in a film, and attacks on our subconscious psyche if we’re unaware of how to energetically protect ourselves in a healthy, secure way. And just like we can fall into unhealthy addictions and patterns with things like food, so can we with TV. We’re all familiar with the term “Netflix and chill” and a good ol’ binge.

But what we need to remember is that there are ways to combat that and stay in the light. We also need to remember that there are a lot of lightworkers in the industry too, behind the scenes and in front of the camera pursuing their passions, creative drive, and life purpose. Doing what they love most in this world. They’re also the ones disrupting the old systems such as speaking out against sexual assault + harassment (i.e. the MeToo movement), and connecting with an audience who turn to these characters for motivation, inspiration, and resonance. Just look at Marvel’s Avengers or X-Men who while superheros, some maybe even from the farthest galaxy, provide some aspect of genuine humanity that kids who right now maybe feeling alone, different, or isolated in some way, are looking up to or able to identify with as proof that it’s not only OK to be different, but what makes them different is their superpower! Marvel comics have also been a step ahead of the game for decades now practicing inclusiveness of all genders, races, and nationalities in title roles, powerful characters, healthy icons, and role models.

Even reality television and its cast of characters serve a purpose if you really look at it from a bigger perspective. I believe it’s providing us with a wake-up call of sorts as we move from 3-D consciousness to 5-D. Coming out of an era where competition shows were at their peak, we’re learning to teach one another that there is acceptance and a place for us all. We each have natural gifts and talents that are needed and necessary, and these shows provoke us to find what that is that will set us apart from the crowd. No one person on earth is better than another regardless of wealth and ability. We don’t need a television show to make a name for ourselves and you can also be a kind, decent, genuine person while doing so.

What we need right now is better content. Stories and characters that uplift and inspire. More vulnerability. More art. Less mindless content. It’s how these modalities are being used that is going to create change, and it IS possible!!

I also wanna tell you, just because you, like me, choose to watch your favorite TV show over reading a book on any given day, does not make you any less successful than your peers, despite some of these memes that are going around telling you that TV makes you lazy. Those posts are still rooted in fear and limitation, trying to control and manipulate in some way. It all depends in how we’re engaging in these activities – mindlessly or mindfully, which applies to food, sex, our phones, etc.

We need to stop scapegoating an entire industry or way of being, living, or doing just because we might not engage with it or because some very productive billionaire is telling you how they made their fortune and that their way is the only way. The only gospel that’s true is the one of our own soul, personally and individually. It’s the same thing with healing and our bodies. Just because someone is vegan doesn’t mean that’ll be what your body needs to flourish. Just because someone saw one healer doesn’t mean you’ll have that same connection with that person. And most importantly, it is our responsibility to check our ego at the door and stop judging just because it’s something we don’t resonate with. There is nothing spiritual about judgement, looking down on someone and their choices, and ultimatums.

There is more than enough room for us all to make an impact in a way that most resonates with what sets our soul on fire and lights a passionate fire in our hearts! Movies and TV has always done that for me. When I watch a Marvel movie or any film for that matter on the big screen, all the elements of visual effects, sound, it all brings a story to life for me…when done right of course. I also recognize that I have created unhealthy patterns for myself around TV where I choose mindless binging over productivity some days. Does that make me lazy or unsuccessful? No. Does that make me a bad person? Absolutely not. It makes me human and helping me gain awareness of why I created these patterns in the first place, and take action on releasing the addiction from a deeper root. My guides also have this funny way of communicating with me through the things that I watch because they know that’s how they’ll get my attention most! For some people that’s in a book on the first page they turn to or with music when someone turns on the radio and the first song they hear contains lyrics about something they’re experiencing in real-time with the message they need most.

So with that all being said, I am sharing with you right now that I am making a return back to the entertainment industry. I firmly believe I am also one of those disrupters, here to bring light back to an industry that has the capability to make a powerful, positive impact! I will always be a healer and Soulful Alchemmy is staying put because amazing things are coming, but my light and my presence are now being called upon in a new, creative way that will reach more people and engage the collective on a more expansive level. I’ve sat on the sidelines for too long, feeling like I’ve been missing out on what I came here to do and I’m not going to wait anymore.

Wherever I land in the business, my intention is that it adds to a legacy I will leave behind that continues to raise the vibration of the collective and frequency of this planet now and for generations to come. Topics like wellness, spirituality, and energy work continue to get a bad rap in movies and TV shows and I feel very passionately and purposefully about changing that dialogue, from where it starts in the writer’s rooms. I’m so excited for what’s to come, who I’ll meet along the way, and taking you with me!

So let’s start now and leave a comment below and tell me what movie or TV show you love and connect with most!!

I think the most common question that comes up throughout our lives is, what is my purpose? Like we’re part of some kind of secret intelligence looking for our next mission, when in reality, the mission is always going to be internal and it’s our external experience and environment that holds the clues.

Our life purpose can be summed up into one thing: Self-Exploration.

Technically, our soul does come here with a mission or some sort of fluid blueprint, which I won’t go into in this post, but you can read a bit more about that share here on IG. But we come here to “earth school” as I like to call it as part of an evolutionary path, and we face lessons, challenges, and obstacles as a type of teaching mechanism in order to move onto to the lext, higher levels, sort of like a video game. And I want to touch upon one specific example of a challenge many of us face in order to put us face to face with the deepest like of self-exploration: chronic illness and disease.

If we are newer to connect (hi, hello welcome!), for the last 17 years, I have suffered with a bladder condition, which I’ve already gone into extensively in previous blog posts which you can read more about, but it’s what led me down this rabbit hole of Soul and all things self + wellness. It’s also the last piece left I have yet to heal. However, it’s had a powerful ROI and continues to teach me and lead to massive breakthroughs almost daily as I chip away at it! And I want to share the latest breakthrough with you in the hopes that it may inspire or bring comfort to any of you who may also be struggling with your bodies or in your own process of healing.

When this condition, initially diagnosed (then misdiagnosed) as something called Interstitial Cystitis first reared its ugly head, I didn’t know anything but the western medicine route. And I want to quickly preface this and say that there is a place for both western medicine AND holistic/energy healing! I saw some of the best doctors in the country, urologists, pelvic floor health specialists, and feminine health + reproductive specialists. At one point I think I was on 5+ medications at one time, I was receiving pelvic floor physical therapy, and basically every other treatment that existed that wasn’t surgery or botox shots into my bladder, because yes that’s a thing. When absolutely nothing worked, I was led to the holistics and energetics where at first, again I just continued getting worse. My body has been screaming at me for a long time trying to get my attention. It was begging me to listen to it while I continued seeking out answers outside of myself because quite frankly, I didn’t know anything else. But it got to the point I got off ALL meds and strictly pursued the latter. But throughout the years, I’ve had multiple intuitives tell me that I would be going back to a traditional doctor.

I became angry and frustrated, and my thought process became, why the f*ck would that happen if I have the power to heal myself like I’ve been learning?! I had thoughts of believing I would be a failure if that happened and that nothing was every going to change. I was making the situation black and white when I just wasn’t ready, I couldn’t see the shades of gray…until last week.

I was just back in NJ where I’m from visiting my friends + family and my bladder was BAD. There was one night in particular, I was in the bathroom the ENTIRE NIGHT because my bladder felt like a faucet that wouldn’t turn off. Finally my mom made me an appointment to see a local energy healer she sees sporadically, after mind you I surrendered it all and prayed that specific morning to be led to the person who was able to help me with this issue. She was incredible and helped me move and clear a LOT of energy and old stuff, but one of the first things she said channeled was that I needed to go back and see a doctor. And while this initially triggered me, I’ve just been so tired at this point that I threw my hands up and said ok, worth a shot. So thankfully enough, my mom who has something a little similar to my condition and on a new medication that’s been helping her tremendously, got me into see her doctor who prescribed me the same.

And my breakthrough came in the waiting room. Reflecting on this whole journey, the light bulb went off: It was never supposed to work back then. The doctors, the medication, the completely turning outside of myself for answers. I’m feeling energy move and my heart expanding as I type this, but it’s like the universe and maybe even my higher self forced my hand to lead me on this path that has led to me straight into the path of self-exploration. And that will happen any time there’s a lesson we’re not “getting” or making moves on what most needs our attention. A greater power WILL step to lead you down a higher, more purposeful path in order to lead to or speed up your awakening. We get sick in order to slow down or turn our attention inwards, we get fired when we’re in a job we’re miserable in and not doing anything about it, we break up or get divorced when a relationship has run its course. We’re brought out of alignment to get back INTO alignment.

I’ve known that I brought this challenge into this lifetime in order to heal it and it finally feels ready. And so now, equipped with more knowledge and a deeper, more expansive sense of self, I can take on western medicine again while now bringing in my own holistic, emotional healing, and energy practices to work in-tandem and come into balance. Funny this is all happening during libra season, right? And so I want to remind you that there is a purpose for every experience, even during the times it feels we’re stuck, we’re not moving, and nothing’s happening. There is a purpose and more importantly an opportunity in our struggle. First of all it’s a call for love, but also an invitation to return back to yourself. A chance to come back to soul and self and seek out answers form within, which my love, you came here with! We are never faced with anything we cannot handle or overcome. We came here as intuitive beings and that sacred channel is always available to you, more than that cell phone you may be reading this on. And the more you use and engage with that channel, the stronger it will get and the clearer it will be.

And it’s also safe to ask for help and receive the support you need! Intuitive healers and mentors like me, doctors, teachers, all exist for a reason. I don’t know who needs to hear this but I often remind myself that you do not need to do this or “handle” anything alone!! I don’t know one person in this entire universe who has ever gotten ahead by themselves. Healers need healers, coaches need coaches, business owners need mentors, people need people. We’ve all been helped and taught along the way, but the first person you need to turn to is yourself. No one knows you like you know you, even if you’re unconscious of that fact at the moment. Our prayers are always being answered, but if we’re praying to feel more powerful, more patient, loving, etc, those prayers may be answered with opportunities to call on those qualities within yourself.

I am consistently learning more and more about myself and the world through my experiences, challenges, my body, and my practices with myself and my clients, and that’s what this entire life experience is all about: self-exploration, because when you’re in service to the “Me”, you’re in service to the “We.”

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