Before we get into it, I want you to take a minute and close your eyes. Take some deep breaths, center yourself, and bring your awareness inward and to your heart space. Now I want you to do a brief scan and self-reflection from your childhood up until this very moment. Were there any points or moments in your life, maybe in school, in your relationships, at work, where you felt like a side-piece or “background character” of sorts? Was there ever a moment in time where you’ve mentally asked yourself, “why not me” or “what about me”?

If the answer is yes, congrats! You’re like every other human being out there that’s ever existed. And I want to tell you that those pivotal moments were opportunities to check in with yourself and see that they were both calls for love and empowerment.

Each of us came here to be the fullest expression of our unique soul in a human experience. And those experiences will always be either one of love or a call for love. You came here with your own gifts, abilities, path, and impact, so it stands to reason that we’re supposed to be that shining star of that experience, ya?

I always felt like an outsider. I started kindergarten a few weeks later than my peers because of major eye surgery at 5 years old. From elementary school and all the way through high school, I felt like the background character and sidekick to my closest girlfriends I deemed prettier than me and got attention from guys while I got passed over without a glance. At home being the youngest of 3, I got plenty of attention, but everywhere else it always felt like someone else’s show. And of course when we’re at an early age, not to mention no one really spoke freely of personal development practices and empowerment until recently, we just think this is the way it is and develop a warped, wounded sense of worth, am I right?

But now we know different, most of us hopefully. And this is one of the purposes of inner child healing, because if those past wounds, traumas, and experiences have been left unattended, they will continue to fester in our subconscious and recreate themselves in our present. For me this pattern has continued to show up in my social life and business in the wellness industry. That wound of “feeling left out” has continued to rear its ugly head. The best way to describe it would be this feeling an pattern of being slighted, which I know energetically is still lingering. I would take it extremely personal when friends would get together and wouldn’t invite me. It often felt like there would be people who wanted to friends with my friends over me. And forget it when someone wouldn’t hire me or choose me to work with. It’s a deep hurt when it feels like we’re invisible, which I’ve struggled with for almost my entire existence.

But as I said, these moments are opportunities, and the feelings they evoke are messages from our emotional intelligence, letting us know where we’re out of alignment. With what, you ask? Ourselves and our power. The truth is, the spotlight has always been intended to be yours in your life, and if it hasn’t felt like that, it’s time to rewrite your script. The purpose of empowerment work is to put you back in the driver’s seat of your own life experience and realign you with who you came here to be and what you came here to do. You’re a magnificent being with big ideas, dreams, and desires that you came here to manifest and create into tangible reality. That is your legacy! The way things are and the way things used to be are not the way things HAVE to be!! Those experiences hold the lessons you need to learn right now in order to alter the course of your reality. It’s not ego. Your soul and your highest self did not come here to sit on the sidelines and waste time. He/she came here determined with a mission, not to mention your guides have work to do through you!

I want to offer you a couple reflection questions and an exercise for you to do with the full moon in Aries this weekend, which is all about the Self, and boldness of Self at that. This will be incredibly healing holistically and to that beautiful inner child where you will also begin reprogramming the subconscious in order to manifest a new reality.

Make a list of alllll those times you felt like you were off to the side, and one by one go through and objectively look at each experience, and intuitively ask that version of yourself at that age how that experience felt and what they needed. Some instances may call for forgiveness of yourself and/or others while some may just need to be acknowledged and felt instead of having those feelings suppressed. Maybe we were shamed in some way as being too sensitive (I was) or for being vulnerable. Being vulnerable and your ability to feel is a testament of true inner strength, and anyone who taught us otherwise did so out of their own fear. Take a breath.

And now taking stock of the present and acknowledging where these similar patterns may be showing up, what can you do differently? How can you start showing up differently, knowing and trusting that you deserve to be seen and heard, that you came here to take up space? When we heal in the now, we heal for our past as well as for future generations. What would happen if you stopped walking into a room hunched over like Ross Geller and started walking like The Rock? If we’ve been programmed to be or act a certain way for a long time, change won’t happen overnight. Baby steps. How can you start showing up and acting like your fullest expression of Self? Meditate on that. Free-write. Your soul and highest self have those answers, but you need to take the time to get quiet and listen. They’re waiting to talk to you!

OK guys, so this is a topic I feel incredibly passionate about. I want to open the dialogue about how the entertainment industry has a healthy and acceptable place in our society. Since an early age, I have felt a deeply intense connection and soul pull with the business of entertainment. It’s an industry that employs millions of people, provides a creative outlet for storytelling and artistic expression in a variety of ways, and serves as a space of connection and inspiration. And just like any other industry or aspect of our life experience, there are just as many minuses as there are pluses.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already aware of vibrations and forces of light vs. dark. Our universe is multi-dimensional and filled with an array of each. Unfortunately, Hollywood, along with social media platforms mind you, has become overrun with dark forces, programming and embedding lower vibration messages into advertisements, inside music during emotionally-charged moments in a film, and attacks on our subconscious psyche if we’re unaware of how to energetically protect ourselves in a healthy, secure way. And just like we can fall into unhealthy addictions and patterns with things like food, so can we with TV. We’re all familiar with the term “Netflix and chill” and a good ol’ binge.

But what we need to remember is that there are ways to combat that and stay in the light. We also need to remember that there are a lot of lightworkers in the industry too, behind the scenes and in front of the camera pursuing their passions, creative drive, and life purpose. Doing what they love most in this world. They’re also the ones disrupting the old systems such as speaking out against sexual assault + harassment (i.e. the MeToo movement), and connecting with an audience who turn to these characters for motivation, inspiration, and resonance. Just look at Marvel’s Avengers or X-Men who while superheros, some maybe even from the farthest galaxy, provide some aspect of genuine humanity that kids who right now maybe feeling alone, different, or isolated in some way, are looking up to or able to identify with as proof that it’s not only OK to be different, but what makes them different is their superpower! Marvel comics have also been a step ahead of the game for decades now practicing inclusiveness of all genders, races, and nationalities in title roles, powerful characters, healthy icons, and role models.

Even reality television and its cast of characters serve a purpose if you really look at it from a bigger perspective. I believe it’s providing us with a wake-up call of sorts as we move from 3-D consciousness to 5-D. Coming out of an era where competition shows were at their peak, we’re learning to teach one another that there is acceptance and a place for us all. We each have natural gifts and talents that are needed and necessary, and these shows provoke us to find what that is that will set us apart from the crowd. No one person on earth is better than another regardless of wealth and ability. We don’t need a television show to make a name for ourselves and you can also be a kind, decent, genuine person while doing so.

What we need right now is better content. Stories and characters that uplift and inspire. More vulnerability. More art. Less mindless content. It’s how these modalities are being used that is going to create change, and it IS possible!!

I also wanna tell you, just because you, like me, choose to watch your favorite TV show over reading a book on any given day, does not make you any less successful than your peers, despite some of these memes that are going around telling you that TV makes you lazy. Those posts are still rooted in fear and limitation, trying to control and manipulate in some way. It all depends in how we’re engaging in these activities – mindlessly or mindfully, which applies to food, sex, our phones, etc.

We need to stop scapegoating an entire industry or way of being, living, or doing just because we might not engage with it or because some very productive billionaire is telling you how they made their fortune and that their way is the only way. The only gospel that’s true is the one of our own soul, personally and individually. It’s the same thing with healing and our bodies. Just because someone is vegan doesn’t mean that’ll be what your body needs to flourish. Just because someone saw one healer doesn’t mean you’ll have that same connection with that person. And most importantly, it is our responsibility to check our ego at the door and stop judging just because it’s something we don’t resonate with. There is nothing spiritual about judgement, looking down on someone and their choices, and ultimatums.

There is more than enough room for us all to make an impact in a way that most resonates with what sets our soul on fire and lights a passionate fire in our hearts! Movies and TV has always done that for me. When I watch a Marvel movie or any film for that matter on the big screen, all the elements of visual effects, sound, it all brings a story to life for me…when done right of course. I also recognize that I have created unhealthy patterns for myself around TV where I choose mindless binging over productivity some days. Does that make me lazy or unsuccessful? No. Does that make me a bad person? Absolutely not. It makes me human and helping me gain awareness of why I created these patterns in the first place, and take action on releasing the addiction from a deeper root. My guides also have this funny way of communicating with me through the things that I watch because they know that’s how they’ll get my attention most! For some people that’s in a book on the first page they turn to or with music when someone turns on the radio and the first song they hear contains lyrics about something they’re experiencing in real-time with the message they need most.

So with that all being said, I am sharing with you right now that I am making a return back to the entertainment industry. I firmly believe I am also one of those disrupters, here to bring light back to an industry that has the capability to make a powerful, positive impact! I will always be a healer and Soulful Alchemmy is staying put because amazing things are coming, but my light and my presence are now being called upon in a new, creative way that will reach more people and engage the collective on a more expansive level. I’ve sat on the sidelines for too long, feeling like I’ve been missing out on what I came here to do and I’m not going to wait anymore.

Wherever I land in the business, my intention is that it adds to a legacy I will leave behind that continues to raise the vibration of the collective and frequency of this planet now and for generations to come. Topics like wellness, spirituality, and energy work continue to get a bad rap in movies and TV shows and I feel very passionately and purposefully about changing that dialogue, from where it starts in the writer’s rooms. I’m so excited for what’s to come, who I’ll meet along the way, and taking you with me!

So let’s start now and leave a comment below and tell me what movie or TV show you love and connect with most!!

I think the most common question that comes up throughout our lives is, what is my purpose? Like we’re part of some kind of secret intelligence looking for our next mission, when in reality, the mission is always going to be internal and it’s our external experience and environment that holds the clues.

Our life purpose can be summed up into one thing: Self-Exploration.

Technically, our soul does come here with a mission or some sort of fluid blueprint, which I won’t go into in this post, but you can read a bit more about that share here on IG. But we come here to “earth school” as I like to call it as part of an evolutionary path, and we face lessons, challenges, and obstacles as a type of teaching mechanism in order to move onto to the lext, higher levels, sort of like a video game. And I want to touch upon one specific example of a challenge many of us face in order to put us face to face with the deepest like of self-exploration: chronic illness and disease.

If we are newer to connect (hi, hello welcome!), for the last 17 years, I have suffered with a bladder condition, which I’ve already gone into extensively in previous blog posts which you can read more about, but it’s what led me down this rabbit hole of Soul and all things self + wellness. It’s also the last piece left I have yet to heal. However, it’s had a powerful ROI and continues to teach me and lead to massive breakthroughs almost daily as I chip away at it! And I want to share the latest breakthrough with you in the hopes that it may inspire or bring comfort to any of you who may also be struggling with your bodies or in your own process of healing.

When this condition, initially diagnosed (then misdiagnosed) as something called Interstitial Cystitis first reared its ugly head, I didn’t know anything but the western medicine route. And I want to quickly preface this and say that there is a place for both western medicine AND holistic/energy healing! I saw some of the best doctors in the country, urologists, pelvic floor health specialists, and feminine health + reproductive specialists. At one point I think I was on 5+ medications at one time, I was receiving pelvic floor physical therapy, and basically every other treatment that existed that wasn’t surgery or botox shots into my bladder, because yes that’s a thing. When absolutely nothing worked, I was led to the holistics and energetics where at first, again I just continued getting worse. My body has been screaming at me for a long time trying to get my attention. It was begging me to listen to it while I continued seeking out answers outside of myself because quite frankly, I didn’t know anything else. But it got to the point I got off ALL meds and strictly pursued the latter. But throughout the years, I’ve had multiple intuitives tell me that I would be going back to a traditional doctor.

I became angry and frustrated, and my thought process became, why the f*ck would that happen if I have the power to heal myself like I’ve been learning?! I had thoughts of believing I would be a failure if that happened and that nothing was every going to change. I was making the situation black and white when I just wasn’t ready, I couldn’t see the shades of gray…until last week.

I was just back in NJ where I’m from visiting my friends + family and my bladder was BAD. There was one night in particular, I was in the bathroom the ENTIRE NIGHT because my bladder felt like a faucet that wouldn’t turn off. Finally my mom made me an appointment to see a local energy healer she sees sporadically, after mind you I surrendered it all and prayed that specific morning to be led to the person who was able to help me with this issue. She was incredible and helped me move and clear a LOT of energy and old stuff, but one of the first things she said channeled was that I needed to go back and see a doctor. And while this initially triggered me, I’ve just been so tired at this point that I threw my hands up and said ok, worth a shot. So thankfully enough, my mom who has something a little similar to my condition and on a new medication that’s been helping her tremendously, got me into see her doctor who prescribed me the same.

And my breakthrough came in the waiting room. Reflecting on this whole journey, the light bulb went off: It was never supposed to work back then. The doctors, the medication, the completely turning outside of myself for answers. I’m feeling energy move and my heart expanding as I type this, but it’s like the universe and maybe even my higher self forced my hand to lead me on this path that has led to me straight into the path of self-exploration. And that will happen any time there’s a lesson we’re not “getting” or making moves on what most needs our attention. A greater power WILL step to lead you down a higher, more purposeful path in order to lead to or speed up your awakening. We get sick in order to slow down or turn our attention inwards, we get fired when we’re in a job we’re miserable in and not doing anything about it, we break up or get divorced when a relationship has run its course. We’re brought out of alignment to get back INTO alignment.

I’ve known that I brought this challenge into this lifetime in order to heal it and it finally feels ready. And so now, equipped with more knowledge and a deeper, more expansive sense of self, I can take on western medicine again while now bringing in my own holistic, emotional healing, and energy practices to work in-tandem and come into balance. Funny this is all happening during libra season, right? And so I want to remind you that there is a purpose for every experience, even during the times it feels we’re stuck, we’re not moving, and nothing’s happening. There is a purpose and more importantly an opportunity in our struggle. First of all it’s a call for love, but also an invitation to return back to yourself. A chance to come back to soul and self and seek out answers form within, which my love, you came here with! We are never faced with anything we cannot handle or overcome. We came here as intuitive beings and that sacred channel is always available to you, more than that cell phone you may be reading this on. And the more you use and engage with that channel, the stronger it will get and the clearer it will be.

And it’s also safe to ask for help and receive the support you need! Intuitive healers and mentors like me, doctors, teachers, all exist for a reason. I don’t know who needs to hear this but I often remind myself that you do not need to do this or “handle” anything alone!! I don’t know one person in this entire universe who has ever gotten ahead by themselves. Healers need healers, coaches need coaches, business owners need mentors, people need people. We’ve all been helped and taught along the way, but the first person you need to turn to is yourself. No one knows you like you know you, even if you’re unconscious of that fact at the moment. Our prayers are always being answered, but if we’re praying to feel more powerful, more patient, loving, etc, those prayers may be answered with opportunities to call on those qualities within yourself.

I am consistently learning more and more about myself and the world through my experiences, challenges, my body, and my practices with myself and my clients, and that’s what this entire life experience is all about: self-exploration, because when you’re in service to the “Me”, you’re in service to the “We.”

This will be a running list of all my favorite products and recommendations in spirituality, wellness, beauty, and lifestyle with links to purchase and discount codes so continue checking back weekly for new additions!

Farmacy Honeymoon Glow AHA Resurfacing Night Serum

Kopari Coconut Oil-Based Deodorant

Super-Goop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 (for face)

The Wild Unkown Tarot Deck + Guidebook

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck + Guidebook 

Journey of Souls: Life between Lives by Michael Newton

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Rahua Shampoo + Conditioner (Vegan)

Cocokind – My faves include the matcha + tinted moisturizer sticks, facial repair serum, and matcha moisturizer


You’re going to want to bookmark this one to come back to!

We all have those times where we feel run down, depleted, and like we’re coming down with something…aka feeling under the weather.

In the past when this would happen to me, I would immediately reach for sugary + processed comfort food, telling myself “I deserved it.” I also berated myself, felt guilty, fomo, annoyed, and frustrated. Like there was something wrong with me for being sick. My internal thought processes sounded something like, “How could you do this to me, body?!” Nice right?

And the more I did that, I would not only get sicker and feel even more rundown, but it would prolong my symptoms. Have you noticed that too for you?

We need to pay attention to what we feed ourselves, with our food and our thoughts!

But as I’ve grown, I’ve also learned about holistic health + wellness, and I want to share my top tips and guidance with you!

So we all know the basics – rest, hydrate, and nourish. All key, all important. But I want to go deeper into this so you truly understand your body, inside and out so you can not only feel your body, but get your health back to radiant wellness and equilibrium quickly!!

The first place I start is checking in with myself and LISTEN. I chose to empower myself and look to this as an opportunity instead of misfortune. As you’ve often heard me talk about, our symptoms and emotions are only messages, and our bodies the messenger. So the first question when something doesn’t feel good is to ask why. And one of my first places to start looking is where I was, what I was doing, and who I was with the few weeks and days beforehand. I look to where I was maybe overextending myself, my stress levels, how the people were feeling emotionally that I’ve been with and spoken to. I tune into where I have not been giving back to myself or where I haven’t paid attention to my own needs. It’s normally a time when I give to everyone else but myself.

Often for empaths who may be still unaware of that title and how to protect their energies find themselves coming down with colds or feel very lethargic more than usual, ESPECIALLY if they find themselves giving to others than receiving. We become unconscious of the fact that we are allowing our energies and life force to be drained, and failing to replenish our own good vibes! I’m sure you’ve heard the term “energy vampire” before, ya? And that allows our immune system to break down and go amuck (amuck amuck amuck!). You’ll also notice that the people around you who seem to be getting sick constantly and consistently are usually finding themselves complaining, thinking, and feeling negatively, finding fault and blame in everyone and everything around them. The victim mentality. This is also why it’s so important to establish proper boundaries physically, emotionally, and spiritually as that is one of the most powerful defenses against illness and disease.

So I intuitively ask my higher self, our heart for those unfamiliar with the term, as well as my body for what it needs from me. You’re going to the source first instead of putting on a band-aid and simply focusing on the symptom. And I take the inspired action I feel guided to take, which could be a whole host of things like more rest, water, and even speaking up for myself with someone that I may have been too afraid with to do so!

So that’s my first mode of defense, which also ties into something else that could be going on we need to be alerted to. Often times when we’re doing our inner work and clearing, our physical bodies and next level versions of ourselves we’re calling in on an energetic level, need some time to sync back up and align with one another. Remember that our physical bodies vibrate at a much lower energy and density, so if you’ve been programmed or conditioned for a while to live in a way that is not aligned with the vibration of what you do want, you’re going to need to shed that! And very often our bodies will do that through what we know as the common cold, flu, and tummy troubles. I’m sure some of you have also heard the terms “spiritual flu” and “ascension symptoms.” That’s what I’m talking about here. I know for me personally, I’ve been focused a little too much the past few days on my inner work and reprogramming that I haven’t really given myself a chance to stop, rest, and re-calibrate.

So after you check-in with yourself and you find that you’ve been initiating more self-care and self-love the universe might just be telling you it’s time to slow down. It’ll always do what it needs to in order to get us to pay attention. We’re always being guided, but it’s our responsibility to pay attention to the signs and synchronicities. And when we don’t pay attention, sometimes the universe does have to go to extremes which can also look like injuries and minor fender-benders.

So now after you’ve taken care of the spiritual/mindful and emotional, let’s get into the practical and nutritional!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll take any sick day as an excuse to binge your fave show on netflix, and if you thought I was going to advise you against that, thing again! All about indulgence here. But if I can muster up enough energy, I really love to indulge in some beauty self-care and TLC like a bath and a face mask. I’m a huge advocate of baths- so much so I created my own line of intuitive and reiki-charged bath salts, sugar, and coffee scrubs, which you can check out and grab HERE. Water is such a powerful conduit of energy, and when we set the intention to heal or manifest in or around water, serious magic happens! I often recommend and love to use epsom, dead sea, or Himalayan sea salt as they also powerfully and gently clear and cleanse our energetic fields (also our aura).

Supplements and proper nutrition is also a must, as cliche as that sounds by now. You already it’s so important to stay hydrated, but try to stick with water as much as you can, even adding your favorite essences for a boost like lemon, lime, cucumber, etc. Tea is great here and there but remember it can be very dehydrating.

When I feel drained or under the weather, nothing makes me happier than warm comfort food like soups, stews, oatmeal, and the like. I find I need nourishment and something that will fill me, but not weigh me down like a full-on steak dinner (which normally I’m all about!). I want to make sure I’m replenishing myself with as many nutrients as I can, so when it comes to supplementation, I try to keep it simple and natural.

My favorite remedies include –

Oregano oil – VERY potent and powerful! I begin using it at the onset of symptoms and they’re usually gone in 2-3 days MAX

Fresh raw garlic! Sometimes if I’m coming down with a sore throat, I’ll eat a whole clove of garlic and chase it down with a full glass of water. It’ll be brutal at first, but make sure to chew it up and not swallow whole. Garlic is extremely anti-bacterial!

Vitamin C – I love these packets I get from the health food store which are high-soluble 1,000mg, but I’ll also whip up a nutrient dense smoothie containing vit-c + anti-inflammatory rich foods such as oranges, pineapple, spinach, turmeric, and ginger.

Reishi – A medicinal mushroom great for the immune system. My two favorite companies are Sun Potion and Root & Bones



Manuka Honey

And to me the most important, a good high-quality probiotic! Our entire immune system lives in our gut, so we need to make sure that area isn’t depleted and that it’s running at full-function! If we are suffering from any gut health imbalance, our immune system will also be compromised.

Last but not least as a special treat, this is my personal favorite recipe for the ultimate gut and immune nourishing, heart-warming, soul-soothing bone broth, perfect for any occasion! Especially for the upcoming cool weather. Bone broth is also best used as the purest form of preventative medicine and care. Enjoy and please let me know if you try it and how you like it!!

WARNING: This recipe is not vegan or vegetarian!

Go to your local butcher shop for 1/2lb-2lbs organic, grass-fed/pasture-raised/hormone free bones, preferable marrow. You can use beef, bison, turkey, or chicken

Rinse them under cool water well and line the bottom of your stainless steel pot or crockpot

Drizzle 2-4 tbs of apple cider vinegar over the bones. This will draw out all of the nutrients from the bones as it cooks

Sprinkle salt and if you like, pepper, to your desired liking

Throw in 1/2 yellow onion chopped into quarters

2-4 cloves of garlic

Cover with 4 cups of water, or more depending on your pot. Just make sure everything is covered.

OPTIONAL: Feel free to throw in any extra herbs you like! Such as turmeric, paprika, cayenne pepper, and dill. And if you’d like to make this into a stew, you can also throw in any veggies you like such as potatoes, carrots, and parsnips.

Cook on low for 12-24 hours. The longer is cooks, the more nutrient dense it will be!

When it’s done, strain the soup and discard the rest of the contents if you’re only looking for the broth. This broth will freeze very well!

If you’re putting it in the fridge and you go to get it the next day, you’ll notice a thin, white layer of fat that has gathered at the top. You can simply scrape that off, toss, and proceed to enjoy!!


To your radiant health and wellness!!



Victimhood. It shows up in so many different ways throughout our lives, and what most people don’t realize is that this not only affects us on a personal level, but inter-personally and globally as well.

I personally have spent most of my life in a state of victimhood, which I go deeper into in my earlier blog posts. It created disease, illness, and imbalanced conditions in my body, disconnect and toxicity in my friendships and relationships, and kept me in a state of lack. See I used to believe as a child that by presenting myself as victim and creating this persona for myself, that would get me support, sympathy, and attention when I felt without. I believed – not just thought – that was the ultimate way to receive love. And I made excuses for people, about how they treated me when it was poor and disrespectful. I also thought it was I who was the problem and did something wrong. Which leads me to what I really want to dive into…

“Hurt people hurt others.”

While true, this is also an excuse we use to validate someone else’ poor and usually hurtful behavior. I know because I’ve been there, multiple times. And it’s not to say the actual person is bad, because they’re most certainly not! But it’s a way of letting someone else get away with hurting us or another just because they’re most likely unconscious of a wound they need to tend to within. How is anything going to change if we don’t do anything about it? We teach people how to treat us by the way we treat ourselves. This is just another reason why I stress self-love. Because self-love is empowerment, and part of that is speaking up and speaking our truth, even when our voice shakes. And by not speaking up to others, especially when it comes to our needs and standing our ground, we are actually doing a disservice to others and prohibiting their growth. Maybe, just maybe, we were placed with that person to help them learn a lesson in compassion and forgiveness. And even if we speak up and call someone out on their behavior and it doesn’t look like it’s going to make a difference, it does! Because you not only exercised your personal power, you have also planted a seed within them since most likely you are or either will not be the first person to do that for them. You are inspiring change within them on some level, even if it may take a little time to shift and acknowledge it. It’s also not up to us to force someone to change, or simply to take responsibility for their own lives. We just need to hold space and hold up the mirror.

If you were the one who unintentionally hurt another, empowerment can also look like you taking ownership and responsibility for the part you played.

I also want to briefly touch upon the effect this all has on a global level. Now I’m not normally one to discuss politics, but this is too important. Everything that we’re seeing with the #metoo movement, women’s and trans-rights, it’s all coming up to show us where we need to step back into our own personal power. When we’re still coming from old conditions and mindsets of victimhood, have you noticed that the term being used is “fighting back”? Because that’s just what’s happening, and this energy of fight is only going to be exactly that. But if we take the time, and this is what the purpose is, to go inwards and look to why we’re being triggered, do the work, and become empowered, THAT is when we’ve won. That is when people come together and create not only change, but lasting change. This strife that’s around us is showing up in our fields and attention to provoke us to do the inner work. The universe is on our side and what is happening is for not, not happening to us. And when we can honestly and truthfully see it like that, that is the moment when you know you’ve taken your power back. Sometimes empowerment just looks like tending to your own wounds and triggers. To me that takes immense strength that’s often overlooked.

Becoming empowered will change, shift, and transform your life on every single level. Too often when something doesn’t go our way, our immediate reaction is to put blame on someone or something else. But the truth is, when you become aware that you are a divine co-creator with Source and the universe, and that everything you are experiencing in your outer reality is only a byproduct of your thoughts and emotions, you are able to take responsibility (i.e. take your power back) and start creating the life that you actually want, and that’s on your side. I mean the truth is it’s always on your side. Even the strife and hardships. We’re all here to heal, learn, and grow. The inner work is and will never be done. You’ll only grow to new stages that are preparing you for that next level, and ultimately next lifetime or chapter after we pass on.

And empowerment vs. victim mentality is no different when it comes to our health and bodies. We have created everything we’re experiencing in our bodies and it’s time to take responsibility for that too. So if you’re dealing with something chronic like migraines, gut health issues, pain, inflammation, honestly it doesn’t matter how serious it is – stop and go inwards. What version of you created this? What were they thinking at the time? What were they feeling? And what was the lesson they needed to learn? It’s only old programming that just needs to be worked through. You have the power to heal it all. We are an extension of the divine – of pure source love – so wouldn’t it make sense that the energy that created us not only unconditionally loves us, but wants us to be happy, healthy, and free? This might take a minute to sort through, but the impact this has…where there’s a will, there’s a way 😉

If most of you don’t already know, for the majority of my professional life, I’ve been a makeup artist and a licensed esthetician. And more than that, I had been struggling with acne, severe tummy and gut health issues, and an extreme lack of self-worth and self-love for years on years on years. I loved what I did for a while. I was helping people feel good about themselves, which for a short period of time helped me feel better about myself. But it was superficial for me, and when it came to the skincare aspect, well that was a business of maintenance, not actually helping myself or anyone else get to the root of what’s going on in their bodies.

Think back to the initial age of puberty. Sure, hormones start going awry, and genetics certainly play a factor, but let’s go deeper. Kids at that age are entering a new phase of their life – more eyes on them, more of an awareness of identity and self, and sparks of new romantic awareness begin to anchor. And what is normally the first thought processes that are occurring? “Am I good enough?” “Do you think they notice me?” We begin to at least superficially question who we are and what we’re worth. Our subconscious becomes triggered and one of the easiest ways for that to physically manifest is through our physical bodies, i.e. our skin.

If you’re familiar with Louise Hay and her book, Heal Your Body, you know that one of the primary roots of acne and skin outbreaks is unworthiness and a lack of self-love. Facial acne represents an unwillingness to FACE ourselves or something deeper in our lives. It is the resistance and disbelief to see and feel and KNOW our true self. The beauty of our true self. To ultimately unconditionally love ourselves. The other root cause is anger.

But let’s go even deeper and connect this to gut health. Our gut – our core – is the home of our solar plexus. The place of our power, self-esteem, and confidence. When we give our power away, sometimes by not establishing proper boundaries and being able to say no when necessary to someone, allowing others to disrespect us, etc, that right there is lack of self-worth. And how is that going to manifest? Through our skin, through symptoms for our tummies like upset stomachs, gas, even food allergies!

Now as I often talk about, a physical symptom is never just a symptom. A symptom is simply a message, from our body’s innate wisdom, to a deeper issue. And one of the reasons we experience a symptom is because there is something we’re suppressing or that we’re not processing correctly. And more often than not, that’s an emotion. Most commonly it’s fear, anger, or sadness. And those emotions, even if you’re choosing not to consciously feel or face them, have to be released or expressed somehow.

When someone comes to me with issues around gut health and imbalances, the first question I ask and the energy I connect to during our session is “where are you not digesting life?” And touching on food allergies in particular, “what in life are you resisting and where?” Now while food allergies can often connect to a past life trauma or karma, which can easily be cleared, one of the first and easiest ways it can manifest besides through the tummy, is through our skin. So let’s say someone is breaking out after eating gluten or dairy, and the symptoms kind of subside through restriction in the diet. That’s great, but that’s temporary, and the truth is, it’s a band-aid. We’re not here to restrict ourselves – in any way shape or form. If it’s a conscious choice, then that’s a personal choice. But if you are choosing to restrict something solely for the fact of trying to heal, you’re not actually going to heal. You’re still avoiding what’s truly going on within your body. And more than that, you’re avoiding what’s really going on emotionally or in your subconscious and unconscious.

So when you experience a symptom after eating a certain food, we definitely need to see where the allergy is coming from and what’s causing it, but the connection between the food and the symptom is not even actually about that. It’s just the easiest way for your body and sub-conscious to get your attention. Make sense? We put all these rules and structures around what we eat and when, and it’s through those limiting beliefs and structures that the allergies can be created, the body dysmorphia, the weight imbalances. Our emotions begin to become attached and affected, therefore putting more energy behind these self-imposed beliefs and affecting our digestion. We also need to look at our emotional state while we’re eating. Take someone who celebrates life and celebrates their food. Maybe even just someone having a great day. They feel good about themselves, they feel good about their body. Their digestion is going to look and feel a lot better than someone who let’s say is stressed about their day, angry about something or with someone (anger is also the root of indigestion and heartburn), or someone who is counting calories or feeling guilt or shame about what they’re eating.

If you’re eating something you’re enjoying, enjoy it. Feel good about it. If you are mentally telling yourself, “I shouldn’t be eating this” or “I’m gonna gain weight” or “this is going to bloat me” or even worrying about what workout you’re going to do to work off what you ate or drank, your body hears those thoughts. And it’s those thoughts that are going to be processed as emotions and limiting beliefs, thereby manifesting as a sluggish digestive system, weight gain, bloat, etc. Your thoughts create your beliefs.

When you are restricting your diet, when you’re restricting something with your health and your body, you are restricting self-love and self-worth. Your condemnation is like putting yourself in a self-imposed prison and you’re essentially giving yourself another reason and another excuse to not enjoy your life.

So while it is of course important to be conscious of what we’re feeding our bodies and our skin, there are environmental factors, so on and so forth, and you can spend thousands of dollars on products and getting the facials (which I’ll admit I’ve always been a sucker for and are a form of self-care), following the diets, taking the supplements, this is all just maintenance. You have to stop the avoidance and ask yourself why and where you’re not giving yourself permission to experience the full, radiant health you’re here to experience in this lifetime. It is your birthright to be unconditionally healthy and happy!! And again going deeper than that, where are you not fully LOVING yourself? Where are you giving your power away and not standing fully in your light and your truth? And maybe even more important than that, we need to look at our beliefs around healing. Do we fully believe that we can heal, or are we giving ourselves full permission to heal?!

Our relationship with Self is the most important and must be the most sacred. Instead of shaming and berating ourselves, we need to look at what’s showing up in and outside of our bodies as messages, and instead of immediately reacting in anger, take a breath and connect. Take the time to ASK what’s going on within instead of staying on that vicious cycle of a hamster wheel, constantly trying to seek answers elsewhere outside of yourself. Because the truth it, they won’t come. Think about it for a second-if our thoughts create our reality, it must be that that’s the case with our health and bodies as well. What’s going on internally will show up externally as a symptom. As acne, as pain, as some sort of physical expression.

You have the power to heal and manifest anything and everything in your life. There are NO exceptions! A healer like me simply awakens you to that truth, and assists you in going to deeper to get answers. It’s YOUR higher self and inner being that is guiding us to what is actually going on and simultaneously clearing and healing it WITH you, not FOR you. And the right person, like me, will teach you to connect deeper and be able to do this work at home, on your own. It is your power and it is your birthright. But it all begins and ends within.

A dear friend said something to me the other day that was so simple, yet so profound and has stayed with me. “Disease is the absence of perfection.” I’m sure if you were to sit and think about the topic of health right now, you can think of at least 1 person in your life, aside from yourself if it pertains to you, that if suffering from a chronic illness or disease that they were told was “incurable.”

I was one of those people. By now I hope most of you have rest my earlier post sharing my story about what led me to where I am now. A lot of it pertained to my physical health, which is of course connected to my energetic and emotional health. Well, I left something out. For many years, I struggled with a nerve disorder called vulvar vestibulitis, sometimes more commonly known as vulvodynia. Basically, an inflammatory disorder of the nerves at the opening of the vagina. How they diagnose it “officially” is with a Q-Tip test. They LIGHTLY touch the 4 nerves with a Q-Tip and if you suffer from this condition, you want to scream and jump off the table in pain. Most doctors have no explanation for this phenomenon, and while there is treatment, there’s no cure. At least no traditional cure.

When I was little, and I mean around the age of 5 or 6, I would wake up in the middle of the night with stabbing pains, down there. I didn’t know how to describe it, so I called it “the pushing problem.” It would cause me constant tears and so much pain for my parents watching me suffer and trying to figure out all they could to try to understand what was happening and help me. I honestly don’t remember seeing any traditional doctors for it at the time, but I do remember trying homeopathy which caused some relief. After a while, it seemed to just go away on its own

The next time I noticed the issue was in my early teens attempting to use a tampon. I couldn’t. Fast forward to my college years to when I became sexually active, and really realized there was a serious problem.

Most people who suffer from vulvodynia are in a constant burning pain and have to avoid wearing leggins and doing certain activities. For me, i was only triggered when the nerves were touched in some way. I can’t begin to tell you the excruciating pain sex caused me. For a while I tried to suffer through it because of embarrassment and wanting to please my partner, but inside I would be screaming and crying, and wishing it to be over. I went about 5 years staying abstinent. Many people who suffer with this condition also suffer from the bladder disorder I was struggling with at the time. Usually it’s the entire pelvic floor that’s weak. Point blank, you don’t feel like a normal, healthy, thriving woman, and honestly just hopeless. I tried all the treatments, including pelvic floor physical therapy, dialators to “stretch” the area, nerve blockers, anti-inflammatories, and botox shots INTO the actual nerves. That was definitely one of the worst experiences of my life! I wouldn’t wish that upon my worst enemy! The only thing I didn’t do was surgery, which most of the time is unsuccessful.

But just like my bladder issue, I refused to let anything stop me. I had to take things into my own hands. I wanted a healthy sex life like any other healthy woman and a long-lasting, thriving relationship with a husband one day. No woman should ever have to put numbing cream on her vagina before getting intimate. Lemme tell ya, def a mood killer! NOTHING was going to stop me!! And as I developed my spiritual practice and learned more and more about energy work and healing, I finally found answers here too.

When we’re told something is incurable, it’s simply because the answers- the root cause of something- not only haven’t been found yet, but because that person hasn’t asked enough questions, hasn’t looked deep enough, and hasn’t turned to non-traditional options. I mean just look at our physical bodies. We have this amazing system with amazing structures, with billions of nerves and cells that communicate with each other, our organs, tissues, etc. We have a natural circadian rhythm, brilliant communication keeping us breathing and our heart beating. It should stand to reason that our bodies have the knowledge and wherewithal to be able to heal itself naturally in every single regard. Just look at our skin when we cut ourselves. But sometimes wires can get crossed and that communication can go a little wonky. Don’t worry, that’s the proper medical definition 😉 As I often like to remind people, we are an eternal soul- made of energy- having a human experience. We are a multidimensional soul with multidimensional bodies. Within our physical bodies, the two most prominent are the emotional body and the etheric/energetic body (the same body that creates dysfunctional cords that we need to cut during energy work). These are the eternal bodies that incarnate with us. Energy can only change and transmute, never die. These bodies, connected to our soul and along with our soul are the ones that hold onto past memories, abuse, trauma, and pain. It’s why sometimes some people are born with certain disorders, some souls have it in their blueprint to experience various health abnormalities at a certain point in their lives, and sometimes during instances of trauma and shock during the physical incarnation like abuse or a car accident, certain areas of our bodies already holding onto past energetic blocks or stagnation can get triggered. And here is when it can get a little more gray. Often times, we choose our experiences if it’s for our ultimate soul growth or for that of another. This is why healing is never black and white! One protocol that works on one person may not work on another, except for energy work if it is for something we’re meant to heal. There is always a lesson to be had.

The only reason energy work will not be effective if their experience is related to how that soul has chosen to pass from this lifetime.

But back to my story. Through countless energy work sessions, intuitive readings, and past life regressions, I learned that I’ve experienced many, many lifetimes of sexual assault and rape – those I suffered from and those where I caused harm to others, therefore balancing karma, and feelings of disconnect within my soul from having a physical body and being a woman. This was not going to be an overnight process, but I was going to continue to peel back the layers and heal. I also learned that I chose what I was going to experience with my health here as Emily Pogany in order to heal them and ultimately be of service as a healer and teacher through energy work. All of my pain, suffering, discomfort, and hardship was to ultimately lead to, uncover, and reconnect me back to my life purpose and soul’s mission. It often takes finding our light by traversing through the dark.

Most of my work in this area was through forgiveness. Forgiving those who hurt me in the past, as well as asking for their forgiveness. I’ve had to do and continue to do chakra work and healing to keep those areas balanced. But the biggest piece which I have now finally and successfully healed, balanced, and made peace with under this Cancer new moon eclipse energy, is the connection to my femininity, womanhood, and sexual energy. I now honor myself as a woman and a sexual being. I chose to feel safe being a woman, and all that entails. I stopped blocking my sexual nature and energy and decided to see it and honor it for what it TRULY is – creative, LIFE FORCE energy. Although I obviously chose this lifetime and incarnation, there were aspects of my internal bodies (we have about 11) and soul that weren’t comfortable here. They didn’t feel safe here. If we’re really getting deep and woo-woo, being a human here on earth felt very traumatic to me. In my previous blog post, I talked about how I never really felt like I belonged here and all that encompassed. This most certainly was a part of it. But it took me truly going within, asking the proper questions, and being open to receiving the guidance I needed to re-balance myself on all levels and ultimately heal. And I did.

Don’t you see?! We are all healers in our own right and we all possess the tools within to heal, mind, body, and soul. A symptom is only just a message. At its core, our souls are whole, divine, and perfect. We are never broken. It knows what to do to do heal, and it takes moving out of our own way, our humanness, to let it do its thing. Our bodies also here what we think and say, so talk to it and kindly. Give your body permission to be led by your soul and higher-self in order to heal. Sometimes giving it that permission will unlock whatever resistance it’s been holding onto. Remind yourself that you are safe, and you are safe to heal. And only you have the power to make that decision for yourself, and OWN it.

If you’re someone with a chronic condition, choosing to simply “manage” it, it’s always brave when you choose to share your story. However, and forgive me, but how is it brave when you’re ignoring the messages your body is so desperately trying to convey to you?! We have the ability and capability to completely heal and transform our bodies. True healing is never finished until we get to the root of the symptom and understand the message.

Teaching a person to manage a chronic illness, disease, or condition is basically telling them to ignore the innate wisdom of their body and soul. How is it “light and love” if you’re withholding that truth? By withholding truth, you are essentially preventing another’s healing, fulfillment, and ultimate becoming. Stop tip-toeing around healing and wake up to the truth! Keep digging until you get the answer. It’s there. And we’re all gifted with intuition and the ability to communicate deep within through meditation and getting quiet. But sometimes when we’re “in it,” it takes reaching out to an energy healer for support in uncovering the foggy layers. I often say healing is like peeling back layers of an onion, or taking off layer by layer of clothing in the winter. Like Joey from Friends wearing all of Chandler’s clothes in The One Where No One’s Ready. And once something is cleared through energy work, that’s it. It’s gone. You no longer have to carry that with you for your next incarnation. If you clear something that was being carried within your lineage, you no longer pass it down through the next generation and the next one.

See what I’m sayin’ here? YOU, my love, are the cure. you just need to open up and allow yourself the connection and do the work.

Summer is normally a time we consider to be “lighthearted and free,” enjoying time in the sun with our friends and family, without a care in the world! And while that should still be the case, if you’re reading this blog right now, you’ve already noticed something within you may be awry. You might have been feeling tired or lethargic, sleeping later than normal (or at least wanting to), frustrated, sensitive around others, flying off the handles a little more than usual or that you’d like to care to admit, or basically all-around emotional.

We can thank the cosmos for this! Beginning this summer, we can expect, and already have, a bevy of activity from the summer equinox, cancer AND eclipse season, and 6 – you read that right- planets in retrograde!! But not to worry, because I’m going to break down exactly what’s going on and how to best navigate the energies and take care of yourself so that when all is said and done, you feel nourished, healed, and ready for your ultimate rebirth! So let’s get into it!

Let’s start with cancer season. The crab makes her journey from June 21-July 22nd. She’s a feminine energy and finds her home with the element of water. We often find ourselves the most sensitive and emotional at the drop of a hat during this time and Pisces season. This is a time for us to better learn and understand our emotional depth and feelings instead of burying and pushing them aside or judging them. We’re all here because we’ve chosen to be human during this incarnation and experience the full range of human emotion. Not to mention, we are comprised of equal parts divine feminine and divine masculine. This is a time to better understand and balance the feminine, our nurturing and receptive nature. We get to soften up here and get to know ourselves on a deeper, more intimate level. And this goes for both men and women!! You’ll find with the cancers in your life, they may present themselves with a tough shell and outer exterior, but once they let you in, or you push your way in, they are some of the most sensitive, loving souls whose vulnerability needs to be honored and kept safe.

One of the best ways to connect with this energy is through the element of water. That could be immersing yourself into any body of water such as the ocean, or a lake. But most of you already know my FAVORITE self-care ritual during this time, and pretty much all the time, which is a sea-salt bath! And we’re really talking soaking, not a full on bath like when we were kids. I often recommend loading up your bath with some epsom, himalayan, or sea-salt, your favorite essential oils, and an extra addition which would be extremely healing and powerful at this time, fresh flowers! Light some candles, grab your favorite crystals (2 of the best for this period are selenite and rose quartz), and soak for a minimum of 20 minutes. I suggest using my suuuper yummy, high-vibe zodiac bath salts which are energy charged for your personally! You can pick some up HERE! They also contain a keepsake crystal for you to use specifically with your bath ritual or any time the need calls! Use this time to connect with your intuition, visualize your bath water as the purest, most beautiful white/golden/pink light, healing your body and fields from the inside out. I often like to call upon ascended master Kuan Yin to help me be more gentle and compassionate with myself and others. Be open to receiving any healing or messages you need most and just honor yourself exactly as you are and where you are. When you’re done, you can do a cold water rinse in the shower, and follow up with any other yummy self-care like a DYI facial or a self-massage with warm oil or lotion. Your body is your sacred vessel! Treat it as such.

I also recommend having a good cry when needed! Our bodies are primarily made up of water, and one of the best ways to release old, limiting, stale energies is through our tears. Think of how much lighter you feel after a good cry! And let’s be real here, stop feeling so vulnerable and ugly-cry when necessary! Go somewhere you can be alone to go crazy and let it out!! And before we wrap this section up, now is a great time to get some good workouts in and sweat out what doesn’t serve you. You can also do this by visiting a sauna. Just make sure you’re sweating and the energy is moving through you! And last but not least, make sure to hydrate with some good, ol’ fashioned WATER!!

Now let’s get into the retrogrades. Let me just start this off by saying the key to navigating energy of any kind is through meditation. It’s the best way to remain calm, return back to your center with ease and grace, and understand more of whatever is going on for your soul’s journey and how best to heal. If you’re new to meditation or want to learn where to start, you can check out my Back to Basics Guidebook HERE. I’m just going to touch upon each of the retrogrades and the best self-care and tools to get through them with flying colors! This will also ring especially true for the eclipse portals in order to fully release what doesn’t serve you and allow those doors to close with ease and grace, while simultaneously allowing for new beginnings and divine downloads on how to progress, heal, and move forward.

First we have Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, who has been retrograde since March 8th and will be finishing up its backwards cycle on July 10th. Jupiter has been purifying our lives, through our physical bodies, as well as having us look at our thought processes and the values we hold most dear. Have they ultimately served us or have you been noticing where fear has been limiting you and making you think small? This has been a big time of physical cleansing and purging, making it an excellent time for a cleanse or detox program. Please just make sure you are honoring your body and following a protocol that most resonates with what you need most – NOT what’s “trendy.” Many people have found themselves coming down with the flu, colds, and tummy troubles which can often symbolize release. It’s important to remember not to berate yourself if that happens and trust the wisdom of your body. Again, make sure you’re also getting some physical movement in and getting some sweat going.

Next we have Saturn who turned retrograde back in April and will be finishing his turn on September 6th. This guy is like the father figure from up above. He’s loving, but tough, disciplined, and wants us to get our hands dirty. He likes teaching us lessons. He’s also known as the Lord of Karma. A lot of our unbalanced karma is now coming up to the light to be amended and sorted through, whether that’s from a past life or present. Old flames and friends may be rearing their heads due to unfinished soul contracts, or you may find yourself repeating a pattern that doesn’t serve you somewhere in your life and relationships. You might just need to acknowledge a pattern and ask how to do things differently. It might be through forgiveness. Karma has had this stigma attached to it, but it is neither good nor bad. It’s a universal law of balance, of cause and effect. For every action, there is a reaction. During this period, we are being asked to look at the commitments we’ve made and see if they still serve us and which ones we’d still like to keep.

Pluto also began its retrograde cycle back in April and will finish up on September 30th. Here the focus is on our subconscious – old limiting beliefs and toxic people we’re still holding onto that don’t serve us. It will be peeling back layers, asking what is ultimately true for you? It’s a time to grow and expand your consciousness and connect even deeper to your spiritual growth and practice. Remember that most of the time, it’s the subcon that’s running the show, so if there have been things that you’ve been working on manifesting to no avail, look at the beliefs you’ve been carrying there. You have the choice and the power to change and rewrite your beliefs at any time.

Next comes a long retrograde we got going with Neptune, who started its cycle in June and will continue until November 24th. Neptune will unveil any negative emotional energy such as fear or lack of self-love and acceptance, and unlock them in a way that you’re able to release them peacefully. Not only is the focus here on emotional energy, but on creativity as well. It’s the perfect time to do some sacral chakra work as these energies go hand in hand. You’ll really be able to get in touch with that sacred, feminine fire within, assisting you in releasing any self-sabotaging patterns or tendencies. Connect to this energy center, which vibrates to the color orange, through meditation, yoga, creative pursuits such as dance or art, and through, I know you’re gonna love this one, some passionate sexual activity!

We have mars which stationed retro at the end of last month, and who goes direct August 27th. Mars, the warrior, who is normally about fire, determination, and action, has us looking at where we’ve been slacking. Has there been a pursuit or goal of yours where deep down you know you haven’t really been putting in the time or effort? That’s definitely be true for me! While the energy right now has been slower, this is not the time to just lay back and relax until things move forward again! Every step forward, no matter how small, count at every point in time! Regardless of what’s happening, each day ask yourself “what can I do today that will take me closer to my dreams?” This period will help you reawaken your motivation, so I recommend revisiting your “why.”

We then have a biggie with chiron, who’s actually not a planet but a comet. Known as the “Wounded Healer,” This retrograde period will last the longest, staying with us until the end of 2018 in order to make sure we have completely healed our bodies and souls in preparation for the new year. This healing will take us out of victimhood and into empowerment!

While you don’t have to be well-versed in astrology, I highly recommend jumping on a site like to check out your own natal chart to see where chiron falls. That placement represents our deepest wounds and shows us how to heal them. Make sure to look at the specific house your placement of chiron is in and what that house represents. I’ll give you an example, my chiron falls in my 3rd house in gemini, showing me that my deepest wounds have always been reflected in my self-worth and acceptance. I’ve done immense healing already in that area, but now because I have this knowledge, I continue to be empowered by knowing where some of my trigger may still lie. Our souls come into these incarnations with various lessons to be learned for its ultimate growth. And what you have to remember is that by learning these lessons and healing, we are impacting those around us through THEIR lessons and ultimate healing!

And last but not least, we have mercury going retrograde on July 26th in Leo. We all know the basics – it’s a time to re-evaluate, reconnect, revisit, and recharge. Frankly, I’m sick and tired of all the doom and gloom being put out there. Just be smart and aware here. Avoid signing any contracts or purchasing large electronics or equipment, try to avoid updating your phone’s software or getting your car serviced UNLESS you need to fix (AMEND) something which has been long overdue, and communicate efficiently and thoroughly. This is not a time to be feared. I talk more about how to properly navigate the energy of this period in my Back to Basics and Goddess on the Go travel guide which delves more into traveling during MR, but again – be gentle and PATIENT with yourself and others during this time.

We have built up such a stereotype around retrogrades, but it’s just a matter of taking the time to understand what each one represents in order to fully harness the goodness and the healing that can come out of it! Nature is always a great metaphor for life. There are times of hibernation, slowing down, and preparation, and there are time of harvest, blossoming, and blooming. None more important than the other, but all working in conjunction with one another. We need those times of stillness in order to hear the whispers of guidance on how to properly and effectively thrive and move forward. Go into these times with enthusiasm and an open mind, and take the time to pause and reconnect back to yourself through any blips or seeming chaos that life may throw at you. It is all happening FOR you, not TO you, and it’s all for your ultimate benefit, knowledge, and healing.

Don’t be afraid to reach out for love and support during this time as well, making it a perfect opportunity for energy work. You can work with me 1:1 in a variety of ways at the following links:

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I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that spirituality has started to become marketed very differently than it has in the past. This is because the collective consciousness is waking up FAST, meaning situations are arising left and right that are calling for more truth and more light.

What exactly do I mean?

Well, in as little as 10 years ago, when I was first really venturing onto my path of spirituality and developing my own practice, the only phrase I ever heard was, “love and light.” I had read and watched The Secret like most people, telling me how thoughts become things and to stick to a positive mindset at all times. Crystals were being marketed as master healers for this condition and this emotional trauma. “Wear this crystal at all times and all your anxiety will disappear!” Everything, at least from my perception were being marketed as all rainbows and unicorns. And now looking back, maybe that’s the story I was projecting at the time.

But I hear too many similar stories. And if it weren’t for a dear friend of mine preparing me and prepping me for life not only as a healer, but following any sort of spiritual practice, my journey would probably look very differently.

Jumping back to the present, I’m noticing more of a call to action. More healers and practitioners are sharing more deeply and vulnerably. They’re speaking their truths louder, and calling on others to do the same. There are more and more men and women every day being called to areas of reiki, life coaching, and other holistic healing modalities. Which says right there that there are more people in need of healing than there are healers. I’m also sure you’ve heard the word “lightworker” being tossed around as well.

That is who we are. That is our truth. Even if you do not find yourself in a commonly known healing modality, if you are someone who is called to service, or even someone who has others come to them for love and support, you are a light worker.

I feel like lightworkers and healers are often regarded in the same stereotype as spirituality. That the grass is always greener, the glass is always half full, and to always shine that light and love! But I now feel a responsibility to share the truth. And even while spirituality is quite personal and means something different and looks different for everyone, it’s time to shine a light on what being a lightworker really entails.

Now I’m going to use manifestation as a prime example here. As mentioned in The Secret, it’s all about a positive mindset. I personally don’t like the term “spiritual bypassing” and the judgment I’ve noticed others place upon the various ways of learning manifestation and healing in particular. But I do feel it’s important to set the record straight on some truths that have been omitted. So let’s break things down with ease!

We’re a human being. But more than that, we are an eternal, limitless soul having a human experience. Many healers, including myself, like to call this experience “Earth School.” We come here to learn specific lessons, rebalance any karmas from previous incarnations, and experience the full range of human emotions. We are manifesting every minute, of every hour, of every day. And while it is our thoughts that manifest our reality, contrary to popular belief, you are NOT expected to be happy and”high vibe” 24/7. That is physically impossible. It is your responsibility however to be conscious of how you’re thinking and feeling, and to remember that you get to choose how you want to feel. We do need to be in a higher vibration and frequency, such as love and joy, in order to manifest our desires. So lets’ say you wake up one day feeling like the world is your oyster and you’re on top of the world! You also may be working on purposely manifesting a promotion or a raise. So you’re driving to work and someone cuts you off and maybe you accidentally spill coffee on your favorite shirt.

You have two options: You can curse of the person in the other car, have some negative self-berating thoughts like “how could I be so stupid?!” and walk around the for the rest of the day consciously thinking to yourself, can this day get any worse? (Answer: it can, and the more you ask that question, the more you command that energy from the universe. You may also start feeling like you’ve somehow ruined or sabotaged your manifestation.

OR you can be mad for a good few minutes. Maybe an hour. You can feel frustrated and annoyed, because let’s be honest, when those things happen, it sucks! But now is where you can do things differently. Maybe you have a few extra minutes to stop on the way to work and pick up a cute sweater or pin to throw on top of that coffee stain. Or maybe you can simply just remember how you felt earlier that morning and CHOOSE to reconnect to how that felt, and spend the remainder of the day in that vibe. You see? It’s a matter of choosing, but still remembering not to beat yourself up. Remembering the love you have for yourself and being gentle, as if you were speaking to your child or a loved one who may have experienced the same thing you have. You wouldn’t berate them and tell them their day is ruined, would you? No! You would give them the space and time needed to feel exactly how they feel, let them know it’s ok, and lift them back up. Also, these things still happen to people who get raises and promotions because they’re human too! 😉

As talked about in my previous post sharing my story, it’s not that simple or easy for some people to shake a bad mood or a painful experience as it is for others. One of the biggest pieces of self-love is honoring our emotions and doing whatever we need to do to move through it to heal. The quickest way out is through, but it is necessary to feel. Too many people are afraid to feel for fear of judgment that they’re somehow weak, or afraid they won’t be able to ever see the light at the end of the tunnel. Who taught us that? My guess is the ego, which is the part of our psyche that tries to prevent us from fulfilling our soul’s mission and life purpose. Our destiny. It’s that little voice within that tells us we’re not enough. We’re weak. People aren’t going to love us, accept us, and that they’re going to think less of us. But I’m here to remind you that that voice IS. NOT. YOU. Your voice is that of your heart and soul. That voice is your true voice. The ego likes to keep us small, so it’s important when we have those limiting thoughts not to judge them, and to ask ourselves, “is this ultimately true?” And take action accordingly.

We have got to own our life experience and stop being so hard on ourselves for making mistakes and feeling differently than what we think we should be feeling! Energy work and healing, and being spiritual is shining a light on our shadow side, our dark parts, in order to heal and balance ourselves and our bodies. To balance our minds, bodies, and souls. We are all, along with the universe, are comprised of both light and dark. We shy away from the dark before really taking the time to learn what that really means. First, in regards to the darkness within, we all have it. And it’s in the shadow where our most powerful medicine lays. It’s uncovering all of these parts where we truly see what we’re made of, and thus learn about ourselves so deeply and intimately that we have no choice but to come back to our wholeness and be of service for our highest good and the highest good of all involved. It’s in this learning too that we take our power back and we experience the deepest self-love, honoring our true value and worth, and healing and upleveling all the other relationships in our lives. This is where the true magic really occurs.

But what most people also don’t talk about is the work in light work. It’s always beautiful, but oftentimes it’s messy and it feels chaotic. It can feel never-ending at times. I for one had to go through so many times where I felt like I hit rock bottom. Like I was just empty and didn’t know what the point was anymore. You can start getting into your head and question yourself. You question your life. But what I’ve learned is that you get to choose whether you want to stay in that place or not. Energy  works entails facing these dark parts, all parts of our self really and ask ourselves what serves us and what old stories, limiting beliefs and patterns no longer serve us. And then we take action accordingly, such as forgiveness work, journaling, meditating, talking to a loved one, or just choosing that it’s time for things to be different. You are perfect and loved REGARDLESS!! A caterpillar does not force itself to become a butterfly. It doesn’t judge the timeless of when it occurs or how long it takes. It moves along with every step of the journey, because the end result is going to be the same, and it’s going to be beautiful. Stop comparing your journey to someone else’s, especially if it’s someone you only follow on social media. You don’t know how long it took them or what they’ve had to go through to get to where they are in the present. Each soul comes here with a specific mission, and some things they need to learn at various paces and timelines. You are exactly where you need to be and you are equipped with the knowledge and tools to get you where you need to go. Always be gentle, loving, and patient with yourself. There are no shoulds or shoudn’ts, and NO ONE is happy-go-lucky at all hours of the day. That may only be what they are presenting themselves as to the public.

Now let’s move into universal light and dark. I speak about this often, but I’m going to continue for however long it takes. There is duality to everything. There is always light and dark, with shades of gray of course. And we are currently living in a time where our light is being called upon to raise the vibration of this earth, this universe, and combat the dark. Our earth is a feminine energy that has become overrun with the masculine. But more than that, dark forces have been running rampant. They have found comfort in our government, the medical field, and as most of us know, the entertainment industry. Many of us are familiar with theories about the Illuminati, the greys, so on and so forth, but I’m not here to really dive deep into that, but it is important we become aware of the truth. I mentioned at the beginning of this post that there is a reason we’ve been seeing such shake-ups in our world right now, with the current president in office, climate change and becoming more eco-conscious, the #metoo movement, and the rise of food awareness and the inclusion of natural healing modalities with western medicine. We are in a period of a new revolution, you are a part of a new revolution, where our voices are needed even louder and are being heard! And we need to stand up in place of integrity instead of anger. While it’s ok to be angry and pissed off, darkness cannot fight darkness. They will definitely try and fight back, but it’s only shining our light brighter and bolder that dissipates and ultimately banishes the dark. Fear is simply just the absence of love.

Even on a smaller scale, when we go to places like bars, clubs, or just areas with larger crowds such as the airport or amusement parks, we need to understand these energetic principals. We’re becoming more empathic and sensitive to energies, and as we continue to step into our role as a lightworker, or even just progress on our spiritual path, dark forces and energies like to wait around for the slightest crack in our field. And if we’re not careful, we can allow lower vibrations, energies, and entities to attach themselves to us. When this happens, we can experience our moods shifting at a moments’ notice. We can feel fear, anger, anxiety, and depression. We can feel tired and drained. Sometimes we just don’t feel like ourselves. I’m finding more and more in my practice, I have been doing and teaching a lot more banishing and protection work, and teaching you how to take your power back in every instance! There is something to be said for being conscious and working to maintain a higher vibration, and staying in the emotional realms of love and joy in order to keep everything unsavory at bay…and far apart from us. And let me just make it clear, there is nothing to be afraid of! You are always safe, and you always have an angelic team surrounding you to call upon. You will never be possessed and no one and nothing can ever control you, unless you consciously give it power. Nothing is every going to swoop in the minute you feel sad or afraid. Remember, always honor your emotions first and foremost as there is always a lesson or blessing, and everything we experience is ultimately for our highest evolution and growth.

So try as we might, we can no longer stay ignorant! It is our responsibility to know and share information on how to protect and clear our energies on a daily basis. You don’t need to be a healer or shaman to do it either. Consider these practices are necessary spiritual maintenance. It is just as important to take care of ourselves on this level as it is to brush our teeth and wash our hands every day. This isn’t just for the woo-woo world any longer. These practices, this work, is universal work. And you my friend are a part of this universe. And if you’re someone who needs a little science thrown into the mix, just think about the concepts of energy and quantum physics. Our entire world, we are all made up of energy. Creating energetic boundaries and taking care of ourselves in that manner may actually be even MORE important than taking care of ourselves physically. I mean still do all of it, because balance and all, but you get my point. Our light and the light of this planet is our strength, and it is essential to our livelihood and that of future generations that we know about and do this work. That we make ourselves a priority and improve our self-care and thus our self-love. I know there are so many people, including myself at one point, who ask themselves who am I to make a difference? But again I’m here to remind you that there are no accidents and source, however you choose to call it, created you and brought you here for a reason. You make a HUGE difference and an impact whether you realize it or not. And it begins within. It all matters on how you’re treating and feeling about yourself. We need you. The planet, this earth, this universe needs you and your unique magic and light.

I want you to take a minute and think of the ripple effect one smile to a stranger can cause. What’s that line from the movie Even Almighty? Once small act of random kindness at a time. But it always starts and ends with yourself.

For all the complete breakdown of the why’s and how to’s of easy but powerful energetic protection, clearing, grounding, and self-care, make sure to grab a copy of my BACK TO BASICS GUIDE!!