Hi loves!

I’m Emily and I’m so happy you’re here! I’m an energy healer & a modern voice for all things encompassing spiritual & personal development, empathy, and mindfulness.

If there’s one thing I want you know above all else, it’s that regardless of religious belief, culture, race, or practice, you are a spiritual, energetic being having a human experience. And with that comes its own voice which many of us know as intuition, or what others consider “gut instinct.” Intuition is essentially the “GPS” of the soul and helps us to navigate our experience with more ease, love, compassion, and a deeper sense of self-awareness. And it is my sincerest mission and desire to de-stigmatize and release any fear around this work, making these alternative modalities and dialogues more practical and approachable. Through learning to live intuitively and strengthening what is essentially a muscle, we can heal ourselves mentally, emotionally, and physically, become more self-empowered, and create whatever we wish to have or experience into tangible reality.

I also want you to know that along with intuition, we all have spiritual gifts that we can learn to develop and strengthen. You don’t need to be born with a specific disposition or change anything about yourself except opening up your mind when it comes to learning how to create a happier, healthier life experience for yourself and others. I’ve helped multiple people through my work, including myself, heal from trauma, radically love themselves and their bodies again, heal from chronic health conditions, and even resolve old wounds & conflicts in one session that some people stay in traditional therapy for for years! This work and learning these innate abilities will not only help you connect the dots, but find resolution.

Energy healing and learning how to live intuitively & mindfully is really about self-discovery. When each and every one of us become accountable in taking personal responsibility for ourselves and take the time to heal, we become kinder and more loving people which sends out a ripple effect to those around you and to the collective as a whole.

If you’d like to learn more about me, along with how powerful, incredible, and important this work is, I invite you to check out my blog!

I hope that Soulful Alchemmy becomes your new safe, sacred space to show up authentically, exactly as you are. This is a space that offers something for everyone, at all levels of knowledge. When you begin to empower yourself and learn to live in your truth, you’ll come to see that healing and having any kind of spiritual or mindfulness practice is never black and white. It’s also a process, akin to peeling off layers of an onion. We may share struggles or may be seeking a similar outcome, but the path will always be different. You may be part of the collective, but you are still a beautiful, unique individual, and here together we honor that! I will help you unearth all of your innate gifts & unique magic that you came to this lifetime to embody and share.

So again, welcome! I invite you to take your time exploring, ask questions, and please feel free to say hi and connect with me at any time! You can also find me on Instagram at @soulfulalchemmy. It is an honor, a gift, and a pleasure to serve and hold space for you!