So Who Am I? Love, Light, and a Whole Lotta Sass, that’s who!

Let me just say, for starters, I wasn’t born with an inclination for spiritual work. I was also always a pretty introverted, sensitive kid, never feeling like I fit in and definitely not like anyone else around me, which I later came to realize the reason for that sensitivity- some underdeveloped gifts….among other things. In my later years, I would go for an intuitive reading every now and then and would get told the same two things: I was meant to work for myself and I would be helping and healing other people. At that time, I thought well, they’re half-right.

I was a makeup artist for the majority of my professional life with little gigs here and there in production and public relations. During that time, my personal spiritual practice was growing, due to my ever-evolving curiosity of metaphysics and the unknown. I was also struggling with some long-term health issues. Nothing serious, but stuff western medicine kept telling me there were no cures for, and keeping me in the mindset that I would forever be a victim of my own body. It got to a point where that answer and way of life was simply unacceptable to me, leading me to ditch all my meds, and then try every other form of holistic healing to no avail. What the hell was going on in my body? Why didn’t it want to be my friend? Fast forward a couple more years to everyone and their mother (it seemed) talking about something called Reiki. At this point, I basically said screw this, I’m healing myself!

I did my research and honestly, something just felt right. Getting my certification and attunement was the best decision I’ve ever made! Not only am I learning about my own body, unearthing, and healing deep-seated emotional issues + traumas, but the response I get from my clients is beyond fulfilling. I began to develop more gifts and I’m now able to channel and incorporate mediumship and intuitive readings with every reiki session. Guys, mind-blowing to say the least! During this time, I learned how essential self-care and self-love is and knew I had to spread that message as far and wide as I could, and thus Soulful Alchemmy was born!

Creativity has always been a gift for me and Soulful Alchemmy has helped me cultivate that into a brand where I can not only offer my holistic healing + intuitive services, but personalized products I can create & craft with love & intention harnessing that same energy for each and every person based on their needs, healing, and intentions. My journey on this path is just starting to blossom, and there are SO many more amazing conscious creations on the way, so I do hope you’ll join me and come along for the ride!