Can I confess something? I’ve been having some trouble visualizing lately which has been leading to some frustration around my manifestation practice. And if you’re reading this, you’re already aware that the key to aligning is being able to experience all of your senses as you’re visualizing what it is you desire to call in or heal.

But I had an intuitive thought where I was brought back to my elementary school days when I was first figuring out what kind of student I was. Just like we were maybe more of a visual learner than audible, or vice versa, we might be stronger with one of our senses than another. It’s also similar to how we’re sometimes stronger with one spiritual sense than another, i.e. the different clairs. And we can use our predominant sense in order to help us achieve our goals.

Another thing that a lot of us know is that it’s a great practice to do things that get us into the energy of what it is we desire, but even that can be a little broad, right? So I want to give you a few ways to help your embodiment practice become a little easier, so you experience quicker alignment and tangible manifestations.

Let’s say you’re calling in your romantic partner and one thing you’ve always wanted to do with them is cook together! So what you can do right now is set aside a night and create the mood first. Maybe tidy up your place, light some candles, play the music you would want to play when the two of you are together, maybe pour yourself a glass of good wine. Put on a killer outfit…one that makes you really feelin’ yourself! Every detail counts, act as if! Feel the excitement and anticipation. And then get cookin’! Experience all the smells, the sounds, and the tastes, and once you start getting into a groove, it’ll be a little easier to either visualize your partner or at least feel their energy beside you. Call them in! And I’ll tell you another little secret, if you’re worried about “wasting and outfit” or having similar thoughts, remember that you need to treat yourself like the queen or king you are first and foremost, because when we treat ourselves in such regard, we will attract a partner on the same wavelength who SEE you for who you are and treat you as such.

Another thing I’ve started doing to shift my energy and stay consistent is utilizing incense and my diffuser with specific essential oils to signal my mind and my body that it’s time to settle in and do my meditation or movement practice. Scent is a big one for me and really has the capacity to provoke comfy, cozy vibes, get me ready for energy work or moon rituals, or energize me and keep me alert.

The magic here is to find what works for you individually, what provokes a full body, full sensory experience that will captivate and motivate you to get you into whatever kind of space you need to be in to take action or get into alignment!

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