OK guys, so this is a topic I feel incredibly passionate about. I want to open the dialogue about how the entertainment industry has a healthy and acceptable place in our society. Since an early age, I have felt a deeply intense connection and soul pull with the business of entertainment. It’s an industry that employs millions of people, provides a creative outlet for storytelling and artistic expression in a variety of ways, and serves as a space of connection and inspiration. And just like any other industry or aspect of our life experience, there are just as many minuses as there are pluses.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already aware of vibrations and forces of light vs. dark. Our universe is multi-dimensional and filled with an array of each. Unfortunately, Hollywood, along with social media platforms mind you, has become overrun with dark forces, programming and embedding lower vibration messages into advertisements, inside music during emotionally-charged moments in a film, and attacks on our subconscious psyche if we’re unaware of how to energetically protect ourselves in a healthy, secure way. And just like we can fall into unhealthy addictions and patterns with things like food, so can we with TV. We’re all familiar with the term “Netflix and chill” and a good ol’ binge.

But what we need to remember is that there are ways to combat that and stay in the light. We also need to remember that there are a lot of lightworkers in the industry too, behind the scenes and in front of the camera pursuing their passions, creative drive, and life purpose. Doing what they love most in this world. They’re also the ones disrupting the old systems such as speaking out against sexual assault + harassment (i.e. the MeToo movement), and connecting with an audience who turn to these characters for motivation, inspiration, and resonance. Just look at Marvel’s Avengers or X-Men who while superheros, some maybe even from the farthest galaxy, provide some aspect of genuine humanity that kids who right now maybe feeling alone, different, or isolated in some way, are looking up to or able to identify with as proof that it’s not only OK to be different, but what makes them different is their superpower! Marvel comics have also been a step ahead of the game for decades now practicing inclusiveness of all genders, races, and nationalities in title roles, powerful characters, healthy icons, and role models.

Even reality television and its cast of characters serve a purpose if you really look at it from a bigger perspective. I believe it’s providing us with a wake-up call of sorts as we move from 3-D consciousness to 5-D. Coming out of an era where competition shows were at their peak, we’re learning to teach one another that there is acceptance and a place for us all. We each have natural gifts and talents that are needed and necessary, and these shows provoke us to find what that is that will set us apart from the crowd. No one person on earth is better than another regardless of wealth and ability. We don’t need a television show to make a name for ourselves and you can also be a kind, decent, genuine person while doing so.

What we need right now is better content. Stories and characters that uplift and inspire. More vulnerability. More art. Less mindless content. It’s how these modalities are being used that is going to create change, and it IS possible!!

I also wanna tell you, just because you, like me, choose to watch your favorite TV show over reading a book on any given day, does not make you any less successful than your peers, despite some of these memes that are going around telling you that TV makes you lazy. Those posts are still rooted in fear and limitation, trying to control and manipulate in some way. It all depends in how we’re engaging in these activities – mindlessly or mindfully, which applies to food, sex, our phones, etc.

We need to stop scapegoating an entire industry or way of being, living, or doing just because we might not engage with it or because some very productive billionaire is telling you how they made their fortune and that their way is the only way. The only gospel that’s true is the one of our own soul, personally and individually. It’s the same thing with healing and our bodies. Just because someone is vegan doesn’t mean that’ll be what your body needs to flourish. Just because someone saw one healer doesn’t mean you’ll have that same connection with that person. And most importantly, it is our responsibility to check our ego at the door and stop judging just because it’s something we don’t resonate with. There is nothing spiritual about judgement, looking down on someone and their choices, and ultimatums.

There is more than enough room for us all to make an impact in a way that most resonates with what sets our soul on fire and lights a passionate fire in our hearts! Movies and TV has always done that for me. When I watch a Marvel movie or any film for that matter on the big screen, all the elements of visual effects, sound, it all brings a story to life for me…when done right of course. I also recognize that I have created unhealthy patterns for myself around TV where I choose mindless binging over productivity some days. Does that make me lazy or unsuccessful? No. Does that make me a bad person? Absolutely not. It makes me human and helping me gain awareness of why I created these patterns in the first place, and take action on releasing the addiction from a deeper root. My guides also have this funny way of communicating with me through the things that I watch because they know that’s how they’ll get my attention most! For some people that’s in a book on the first page they turn to or with music when someone turns on the radio and the first song they hear contains lyrics about something they’re experiencing in real-time with the message they need most.

So with that all being said, I am sharing with you right now that I am making a return back to the entertainment industry. I firmly believe I am also one of those disrupters, here to bring light back to an industry that has the capability to make a powerful, positive impact! I will always be a healer and Soulful Alchemmy is staying put because amazing things are coming, but my light and my presence are now being called upon in a new, creative way that will reach more people and engage the collective on a more expansive level. I’ve sat on the sidelines for too long, feeling like I’ve been missing out on what I came here to do and I’m not going to wait anymore.

Wherever I land in the business, my intention is that it adds to a legacy I will leave behind that continues to raise the vibration of the collective and frequency of this planet now and for generations to come. Topics like wellness, spirituality, and energy work continue to get a bad rap in movies and TV shows and I feel very passionately and purposefully about changing that dialogue, from where it starts in the writer’s rooms. I’m so excited for what’s to come, who I’ll meet along the way, and taking you with me!

So let’s start now and leave a comment below and tell me what movie or TV show you love and connect with most!!

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