As we start to find our footing during this time of uncertainty, many of us are becoming proactive,. We’re (hopefully) turning our focus inward in order to observe what’s actually in our control right now, what we can do about it, and take the best care of ourselves as possible! We’re also starting to cultivate a future we desire to experience.

I don’t know about you, but there have been too many times in my life to count where I had so many desires and intentions at one time, but because I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start, I didn’t take any action at all! And that led to a vicious cycle of feeling stuck in my life and everything just became stagnant. You too? Welcome to the club! We’re not as exclusive as it may seem!

I’d like to share my personal practice with you that I’ve begun implementing, leading to quicker results, leaving me feeling more uplifted throughout my day and has actually helped me with some time management.

We all share similar desires — manifesting a romantic relationship, more money, a healthier body, a more fit and toned body, you get the gist; and I’ve found through my own personal experience and that of my clients’ through the intuitive guidance and direction we receive, that some of these intentions require the same action steps in order to align with that vibration. But what they also share in common is one question that is the first place to start: Who do I need to be in order to be/do/have this?

More on that in a minute.

I want you to start by writing down all your current intentions. Put your rational mind aside and think BIG. Write from the place of remembrance that you are an eternal, unlimited being capable of creating and receiving all that your heart desires. If you don’t really consider yourself spiritual and I’ve already lost you, let’s just say use your imagination! And if you kind of feel like you’re faking it, that’s OK too. Just write out everything that you really want, releasing any rational thoughts or the need to justify anything. Then separate them into categories: Career, Relationships, Health, etc.

Here is where the self-exploration starts. Looking at these intentions, how is it going to feel once you’ve accomplished or achieved your desire? Would you feel at peace? Free? More relaxed or happy? Abundant? Supported? Write these down to next to the intention.

Now here is where I highly suggest either having a meditation practice or a few minutes each day where you can sit in peace and quiet, find stillness, and tune in before you begin your day, preferably at the beginning of your day. If this requires waking up a few minutes early, can you commit to yourself in order to set your day up for success? Great. So looking at your intentions first thing, go down the list and ask what is required of you or what can you do that day in order to either align with the person you need to be or take one step forward. I’ll give you some examples:

Let’s say you were calling in romantic love. We ultimately need to be the partner we’re calling in since that’s what will be mirrored back to us, so you may receive guidance on a self-love or self-care practice for the day. You might feel inspired to buy yourself some flowers, take yourself out on a date, or do some deeper work around any limiting beliefs of self-worth. If your health is at the forefront of your mind, maybe your guidance for the day is to get some movement in, make yourself a nourishing meal, or doing some emotional healing centered around your relationship with your body.

Now here is where it gets interesting. Circling back on how the action steps might hit a couple intentions at once, one day you might be guided or feel inspired to check out a wellness workshop or try a new fitness class where you may indeed meet the love of your life while also doing something beneficial for your mind, body, and soul. See what I mean?

I’d like to mention that this practice will continue to assist you in deepening and expanding your intuitive channel and strengthening your spiritual gifts while moving you quickly into alignment with the universe, where you WILL experience more and more synchronicities. Synchronicities are like little winks from above that you’re on the right path. The more you become aware and pay attention, the more signs and messages will show up.

So as you move down your list, make sure to write down the action steps you receive. If you don’t at first, that’s OK! As long as you ask and remain open, it might come to you as an inspired idea later on in the day while you’re doing something else, and usually something where you’re not in your head so much and more in your body. And as you move through the day and take action on each thing, check it off your list. This is a great way to stay committed, organize your time and your day, and surrender any attachments or worries to the universe. You are doing your part and now it’s time to let the universe take over!

The practice and art of manifestation is co-creation after all!


I recommend practicing a little bit every day as little steps lead to big changes, and you’ll realize you’re moving farther along than you realize. This will help you really come back into a harmonious co-creative relationship with the divine. This practice is also just a taste of the 1:1 Intuitive Strategy sessions I offer, so if you find you could use deeper support in this area, I highly recommend scheduling a session HERE or booking a call with me at These sessions are designed to help get you clarity FAST and align with the version of you who’s already on the other side. You will leave the session knowing exactly what action steps to take along with feeling more uplifted and inspired!

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