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We all have those times where we feel run down, depleted, and like we’re coming down with something…aka feeling under the weather.

In the past when this would happen to me, I would immediately reach for sugary + processed comfort food, telling myself “I deserved it.” I also berated myself, felt guilty, fomo, annoyed, and frustrated. Like there was something wrong with me for being sick. My internal thought processes sounded something like, “How could you do this to me, body?!” Nice right?

And the more I did that, I would not only get sicker and feel even more rundown, but it would prolong my symptoms. Have you noticed that too for you?

We need to pay attention to what we feed ourselves, with our food and our thoughts!

But as I’ve grown, I’ve also learned about holistic health + wellness, and I want to share my top tips and guidance with you!

So we all know the basics – rest, hydrate, and nourish. All key, all important. But I want to go deeper into this so you truly understand your body, inside and out so you can not only feel your body, but get your health back to radiant wellness and equilibrium quickly!!

The first place I start is checking in with myself and LISTEN. I chose to empower myself and look to this as an opportunity instead of misfortune. As you’ve often heard me talk about, our symptoms and emotions are only messages, and our bodies the messenger. So the first question when something doesn’t feel good is to ask why. And one of my first places to start looking is where I was, what I was doing, and who I was with the few weeks and days beforehand. I look to where I was maybe overextending myself, my stress levels, how the people were feeling emotionally that I’ve been with and spoken to. I tune into where I have not been giving back to myself or where I haven’t paid attention to my own needs. It’s normally a time when I give to everyone else but myself.

Often for empaths who may be still unaware of that title and how to protect their energies find themselves coming down with colds or feel very lethargic more than usual, ESPECIALLY if they find themselves giving to others than receiving. We become unconscious of the fact that we are allowing our energies and life force to be drained, and failing to replenish our own good vibes! I’m sure you’ve heard the term “energy vampire” before, ya? And that allows our immune system to break down and go amuck (amuck amuck amuck!). You’ll also notice that the people around you who seem to be getting sick constantly and consistently are usually finding themselves complaining, thinking, and feeling negatively, finding fault and blame in everyone and everything around them. The victim mentality. This is also why it’s so important to establish proper boundaries physically, emotionally, and spiritually as that is one of the most powerful defenses against illness and disease.

So I intuitively ask my higher self, our heart for those unfamiliar with the term, as well as my body for what it needs from me. You’re going to the source first instead of putting on a band-aid and simply focusing on the symptom. And I take the inspired action I feel guided to take, which could be a whole host of things like more rest, water, and even speaking up for myself with someone that I may have been too afraid with to do so!

So that’s my first mode of defense, which also ties into something else that could be going on we need to be alerted to. Often times when we’re doing our inner work and clearing, our physical bodies and next level versions of ourselves we’re calling in on an energetic level, need some time to sync back up and align with one another. Remember that our physical bodies vibrate at a much lower energy and density, so if you’ve been programmed or conditioned for a while to live in a way that is not aligned with the vibration of what you do want, you’re going to need to shed that! And very often our bodies will do that through what we know as the common cold, flu, and tummy troubles. I’m sure some of you have also heard the terms “spiritual flu” and “ascension symptoms.” That’s what I’m talking about here. I know for me personally, I’ve been focused a little too much the past few days on my inner work and reprogramming that I haven’t really given myself a chance to stop, rest, and re-calibrate.

So after you check-in with yourself and you find that you’ve been initiating more self-care and self-love the universe might just be telling you it’s time to slow down. It’ll always do what it needs to in order to get us to pay attention. We’re always being guided, but it’s our responsibility to pay attention to the signs and synchronicities. And when we don’t pay attention, sometimes the universe does have to go to extremes which can also look like injuries and minor fender-benders.

So now after you’ve taken care of the spiritual/mindful and emotional, let’s get into the practical and nutritional!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll take any sick day as an excuse to binge your fave show on netflix, and if you thought I was going to advise you against that, thing again! All about indulgence here. But if I can muster up enough energy, I really love to indulge in some beauty self-care and TLC like a bath and a face mask. I’m a huge advocate of baths- so much so I created my own line of intuitive and reiki-charged bath salts, sugar, and coffee scrubs, which you can check out and grab HERE. Water is such a powerful conduit of energy, and when we set the intention to heal or manifest in or around water, serious magic happens! I often recommend and love to use epsom, dead sea, or Himalayan sea salt as they also powerfully and gently clear and cleanse our energetic fields (also our aura).

Supplements and proper nutrition is also a must, as cliche as that sounds by now. You already it’s so important to stay hydrated, but try to stick with water as much as you can, even adding your favorite essences for a boost like lemon, lime, cucumber, etc. Tea is great here and there but remember it can be very dehydrating.

When I feel drained or under the weather, nothing makes me happier than warm comfort food like soups, stews, oatmeal, and the like. I find I need nourishment and something that will fill me, but not weigh me down like a full-on steak dinner (which normally I’m all about!). I want to make sure I’m replenishing myself with as many nutrients as I can, so when it comes to supplementation, I try to keep it simple and natural.

My favorite remedies include –

Oregano oil – VERY potent and powerful! I begin using it at the onset of symptoms and they’re usually gone in 2-3 days MAX

Fresh raw garlic! Sometimes if I’m coming down with a sore throat, I’ll eat a whole clove of garlic and chase it down with a full glass of water. It’ll be brutal at first, but make sure to chew it up and not swallow whole. Garlic is extremely anti-bacterial!

Vitamin C – I love these packets I get from the health food store which are high-soluble 1,000mg, but I’ll also whip up a nutrient dense smoothie containing vit-c + anti-inflammatory rich foods such as oranges, pineapple, spinach, turmeric, and ginger.

Reishi – A medicinal mushroom great for the immune system. My two favorite companies are Sun Potion and Root & Bones



Manuka Honey

And to me the most important, a good high-quality probiotic! Our entire immune system lives in our gut, so we need to make sure that area isn’t depleted and that it’s running at full-function! If we are suffering from any gut health imbalance, our immune system will also be compromised.

Last but not least as a special treat, this is my personal favorite recipe for the ultimate gut and immune nourishing, heart-warming, soul-soothing bone broth, perfect for any occasion! Especially for the upcoming cool weather. Bone broth is also best used as the purest form of preventative medicine and care. Enjoy and please let me know if you try it and how you like it!!

WARNING: This recipe is not vegan or vegetarian!

Go to your local butcher shop for 1/2lb-2lbs organic, grass-fed/pasture-raised/hormone free bones, preferable marrow. You can use beef, bison, turkey, or chicken

Rinse them under cool water well and line the bottom of your stainless steel pot or crockpot

Drizzle 2-4 tbs of apple cider vinegar over the bones. This will draw out all of the nutrients from the bones as it cooks

Sprinkle salt and if you like, pepper, to your desired liking

Throw in 1/2 yellow onion chopped into quarters

2-4 cloves of garlic

Cover with 4 cups of water, or more depending on your pot. Just make sure everything is covered.

OPTIONAL: Feel free to throw in any extra herbs you like! Such as turmeric, paprika, cayenne pepper, and dill. And if you’d like to make this into a stew, you can also throw in any veggies you like such as potatoes, carrots, and parsnips.

Cook on low for 12-24 hours. The longer is cooks, the more nutrient dense it will be!

When it’s done, strain the soup and discard the rest of the contents if you’re only looking for the broth. This broth will freeze very well!

If you’re putting it in the fridge and you go to get it the next day, you’ll notice a thin, white layer of fat that has gathered at the top. You can simply scrape that off, toss, and proceed to enjoy!!


To your radiant health and wellness!!



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