If most of you don’t already know, for the majority of my professional life, I’ve been a makeup artist and a licensed esthetician. And more than that, I had been struggling with acne, severe tummy and gut health issues, and an extreme lack of self-worth and self-love for years on years on years. I loved what I did for a while. I was helping people feel good about themselves, which for a short period of time helped me feel better about myself. But it was superficial for me, and when it came to the skincare aspect, well that was a business of maintenance, not actually helping myself or anyone else get to the root of what’s going on in their bodies.

Think back to the initial age of puberty. Sure, hormones start going awry, and genetics certainly play a factor, but let’s go deeper. Kids at that age are entering a new phase of their life – more eyes on them, more of an awareness of identity and self, and sparks of new romantic awareness begin to anchor. And what is normally the first thought processes that are occurring? “Am I good enough?” “Do you think they notice me?” We begin to at least superficially question who we are and what we’re worth. Our subconscious becomes triggered and one of the easiest ways for that to physically manifest is through our physical bodies, i.e. our skin.

If you’re familiar with Louise Hay and her book, Heal Your Body, you know that one of the primary roots of acne and skin outbreaks is unworthiness and a lack of self-love. Facial acne represents an unwillingness to FACE ourselves or something deeper in our lives. It is the resistance and disbelief to see and feel and KNOW our true self. The beauty of our true self. To ultimately unconditionally love ourselves. The other root cause is anger.

But let’s go even deeper and connect this to gut health. Our gut – our core – is the home of our solar plexus. The place of our power, self-esteem, and confidence. When we give our power away, sometimes by not establishing proper boundaries and being able to say no when necessary to someone, allowing others to disrespect us, etc, that right there is lack of self-worth. And how is that going to manifest? Through our skin, through symptoms for our tummies like upset stomachs, gas, even food allergies!

Now as I often talk about, a physical symptom is never just a symptom. A symptom is simply a message, from our body’s innate wisdom, to a deeper issue. And one of the reasons we experience a symptom is because there is something we’re suppressing or that we’re not processing correctly. And more often than not, that’s an emotion. Most commonly it’s fear, anger, or sadness. And those emotions, even if you’re choosing not to consciously feel or face them, have to be released or expressed somehow.

When someone comes to me with issues around gut health and imbalances, the first question I ask and the energy I connect to during our session is “where are you not digesting life?” And touching on food allergies in particular, “what in life are you resisting and where?” Now while food allergies can often connect to a past life trauma or karma, which can easily be cleared, one of the first and easiest ways it can manifest besides through the tummy, is through our skin. So let’s say someone is breaking out after eating gluten or dairy, and the symptoms kind of subside through restriction in the diet. That’s great, but that’s temporary, and the truth is, it’s a band-aid. We’re not here to restrict ourselves – in any way shape or form. If it’s a conscious choice, then that’s a personal choice. But if you are choosing to restrict something solely for the fact of trying to heal, you’re not actually going to heal. You’re still avoiding what’s truly going on within your body. And more than that, you’re avoiding what’s really going on emotionally or in your subconscious and unconscious.

So when you experience a symptom after eating a certain food, we definitely need to see where the allergy is coming from and what’s causing it, but the connection between the food and the symptom is not even actually about that. It’s just the easiest way for your body and sub-conscious to get your attention. Make sense? We put all these rules and structures around what we eat and when, and it’s through those limiting beliefs and structures that the allergies can be created, the body dysmorphia, the weight imbalances. Our emotions begin to become attached and affected, therefore putting more energy behind these self-imposed beliefs and affecting our digestion. We also need to look at our emotional state while we’re eating. Take someone who celebrates life and celebrates their food. Maybe even just someone having a great day. They feel good about themselves, they feel good about their body. Their digestion is going to look and feel a lot better than someone who let’s say is stressed about their day, angry about something or with someone (anger is also the root of indigestion and heartburn), or someone who is counting calories or feeling guilt or shame about what they’re eating.

If you’re eating something you’re enjoying, enjoy it. Feel good about it. If you are mentally telling yourself, “I shouldn’t be eating this” or “I’m gonna gain weight” or “this is going to bloat me” or even worrying about what workout you’re going to do to work off what you ate or drank, your body hears those thoughts. And it’s those thoughts that are going to be processed as emotions and limiting beliefs, thereby manifesting as a sluggish digestive system, weight gain, bloat, etc. Your thoughts create your beliefs.

When you are restricting your diet, when you’re restricting something with your health and your body, you are restricting self-love and self-worth. Your condemnation is like putting yourself in a self-imposed prison and you’re essentially giving yourself another reason and another excuse to not enjoy your life.

So while it is of course important to be conscious of what we’re feeding our bodies and our skin, there are environmental factors, so on and so forth, and you can spend thousands of dollars on products and getting the facials (which I’ll admit I’ve always been a sucker for and are a form of self-care), following the diets, taking the supplements, this is all just maintenance. You have to stop the avoidance and ask yourself why and where you’re not giving yourself permission to experience the full, radiant health you’re here to experience in this lifetime. It is your birthright to be unconditionally healthy and happy!! And again going deeper than that, where are you not fully LOVING yourself? Where are you giving your power away and not standing fully in your light and your truth? And maybe even more important than that, we need to look at our beliefs around healing. Do we fully believe that we can heal, or are we giving ourselves full permission to heal?!

Our relationship with Self is the most important and must be the most sacred. Instead of shaming and berating ourselves, we need to look at what’s showing up in and outside of our bodies as messages, and instead of immediately reacting in anger, take a breath and connect. Take the time to ASK what’s going on within instead of staying on that vicious cycle of a hamster wheel, constantly trying to seek answers elsewhere outside of yourself. Because the truth it, they won’t come. Think about it for a second-if our thoughts create our reality, it must be that that’s the case with our health and bodies as well. What’s going on internally will show up externally as a symptom. As acne, as pain, as some sort of physical expression.

You have the power to heal and manifest anything and everything in your life. There are NO exceptions! A healer like me simply awakens you to that truth, and assists you in going to deeper to get answers. It’s YOUR higher self and inner being that is guiding us to what is actually going on and simultaneously clearing and healing it WITH you, not FOR you. And the right person, like me, will teach you to connect deeper and be able to do this work at home, on your own. It is your power and it is your birthright. But it all begins and ends within.

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