I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that spirituality has started to become marketed very differently than it has in the past. This is because the collective consciousness is waking up FAST, meaning situations are arising left and right that are calling for more truth and more light.

What exactly do I mean?

Well, in as little as 10 years ago, when I was first really venturing onto my path of spirituality and developing my own practice, the only phrase I ever heard was, “love and light.” I had read and watched The Secret like most people, telling me how thoughts become things and to stick to a positive mindset at all times. Crystals were being marketed as master healers for this condition and this emotional trauma. “Wear this crystal at all times and all your anxiety will disappear!” Everything, at least from my perception were being marketed as all rainbows and unicorns. And now looking back, maybe that’s the story I was projecting at the time.

But I hear too many similar stories. And if it weren’t for a dear friend of mine preparing me and prepping me for life not only as a healer, but following any sort of spiritual practice, my journey would probably look very differently.

Jumping back to the present, I’m noticing more of a call to action. More healers and practitioners are sharing more deeply and vulnerably. They’re speaking their truths louder, and calling on others to do the same. There are more and more men and women every day being called to areas of reiki, life coaching, and other holistic healing modalities. Which says right there that there are more people in need of healing than there are healers. I’m also sure you’ve heard the word “lightworker” being tossed around as well.

That is who we are. That is our truth. Even if you do not find yourself in a commonly known healing modality, if you are someone who is called to service, or even someone who has others come to them for love and support, you are a light worker.

I feel like lightworkers and healers are often regarded in the same stereotype as spirituality. That the grass is always greener, the glass is always half full, and to always shine that light and love! But I now feel a responsibility to share the truth. And even while spirituality is quite personal and means something different and looks different for everyone, it’s time to shine a light on what being a lightworker really entails.

Now I’m going to use manifestation as a prime example here. As mentioned in The Secret, it’s all about a positive mindset. I personally don’t like the term “spiritual bypassing” and the judgment I’ve noticed others place upon the various ways of learning manifestation and healing in particular. But I do feel it’s important to set the record straight on some truths that have been omitted. So let’s break things down with ease!

We’re a human being. But more than that, we are an eternal, limitless soul having a human experience. Many healers, including myself, like to call this experience “Earth School.” We come here to learn specific lessons, rebalance any karmas from previous incarnations, and experience the full range of human emotions. We are manifesting every minute, of every hour, of every day. And while it is our thoughts that manifest our reality, contrary to popular belief, you are NOT expected to be happy and”high vibe” 24/7. That is physically impossible. It is your responsibility however to be conscious of how you’re thinking and feeling, and to remember that you get to choose how you want to feel. We do need to be in a higher vibration and frequency, such as love and joy, in order to manifest our desires. So lets’ say you wake up one day feeling like the world is your oyster and you’re on top of the world! You also may be working on purposely manifesting a promotion or a raise. So you’re driving to work and someone cuts you off and maybe you accidentally spill coffee on your favorite shirt.

You have two options: You can curse of the person in the other car, have some negative self-berating thoughts like “how could I be so stupid?!” and walk around the for the rest of the day consciously thinking to yourself, can this day get any worse? (Answer: it can, and the more you ask that question, the more you command that energy from the universe. You may also start feeling like you’ve somehow ruined or sabotaged your manifestation.

OR you can be mad for a good few minutes. Maybe an hour. You can feel frustrated and annoyed, because let’s be honest, when those things happen, it sucks! But now is where you can do things differently. Maybe you have a few extra minutes to stop on the way to work and pick up a cute sweater or pin to throw on top of that coffee stain. Or maybe you can simply just remember how you felt earlier that morning and CHOOSE to reconnect to how that felt, and spend the remainder of the day in that vibe. You see? It’s a matter of choosing, but still remembering not to beat yourself up. Remembering the love you have for yourself and being gentle, as if you were speaking to your child or a loved one who may have experienced the same thing you have. You wouldn’t berate them and tell them their day is ruined, would you? No! You would give them the space and time needed to feel exactly how they feel, let them know it’s ok, and lift them back up. Also, these things still happen to people who get raises and promotions because they’re human too! 😉

As talked about in my previous post sharing my story, it’s not that simple or easy for some people to shake a bad mood or a painful experience as it is for others. One of the biggest pieces of self-love is honoring our emotions and doing whatever we need to do to move through it to heal. The quickest way out is through, but it is necessary to feel. Too many people are afraid to feel for fear of judgment that they’re somehow weak, or afraid they won’t be able to ever see the light at the end of the tunnel. Who taught us that? My guess is the ego, which is the part of our psyche that tries to prevent us from fulfilling our soul’s mission and life purpose. Our destiny. It’s that little voice within that tells us we’re not enough. We’re weak. People aren’t going to love us, accept us, and that they’re going to think less of us. But I’m here to remind you that that voice IS. NOT. YOU. Your voice is that of your heart and soul. That voice is your true voice. The ego likes to keep us small, so it’s important when we have those limiting thoughts not to judge them, and to ask ourselves, “is this ultimately true?” And take action accordingly.

We have got to own our life experience and stop being so hard on ourselves for making mistakes and feeling differently than what we think we should be feeling! Energy work and healing, and being spiritual is shining a light on our shadow side, our dark parts, in order to heal and balance ourselves and our bodies. To balance our minds, bodies, and souls. We are all, along with the universe, are comprised of both light and dark. We shy away from the dark before really taking the time to learn what that really means. First, in regards to the darkness within, we all have it. And it’s in the shadow where our most powerful medicine lays. It’s uncovering all of these parts where we truly see what we’re made of, and thus learn about ourselves so deeply and intimately that we have no choice but to come back to our wholeness and be of service for our highest good and the highest good of all involved. It’s in this learning too that we take our power back and we experience the deepest self-love, honoring our true value and worth, and healing and upleveling all the other relationships in our lives. This is where the true magic really occurs.

But what most people also don’t talk about is the work in light work. It’s always beautiful, but oftentimes it’s messy and it feels chaotic. It can feel never-ending at times. I for one had to go through so many times where I felt like I hit rock bottom. Like I was just empty and didn’t know what the point was anymore. You can start getting into your head and question yourself. You question your life. But what I’ve learned is that you get to choose whether you want to stay in that place or not. Energy  works entails facing these dark parts, all parts of our self really and ask ourselves what serves us and what old stories, limiting beliefs and patterns no longer serve us. And then we take action accordingly, such as forgiveness work, journaling, meditating, talking to a loved one, or just choosing that it’s time for things to be different. You are perfect and loved REGARDLESS!! A caterpillar does not force itself to become a butterfly. It doesn’t judge the timeless of when it occurs or how long it takes. It moves along with every step of the journey, because the end result is going to be the same, and it’s going to be beautiful. Stop comparing your journey to someone else’s, especially if it’s someone you only follow on social media. You don’t know how long it took them or what they’ve had to go through to get to where they are in the present. Each soul comes here with a specific mission, and some things they need to learn at various paces and timelines. You are exactly where you need to be and you are equipped with the knowledge and tools to get you where you need to go. Always be gentle, loving, and patient with yourself. There are no shoulds or shoudn’ts, and NO ONE is happy-go-lucky at all hours of the day. That may only be what they are presenting themselves as to the public.

Now let’s move into universal light and dark. I speak about this often, but I’m going to continue for however long it takes. There is duality to everything. There is always light and dark, with shades of gray of course. And we are currently living in a time where our light is being called upon to raise the vibration of this earth, this universe, and combat the dark. Our earth is a feminine energy that has become overrun with the masculine. But more than that, dark forces have been running rampant. They have found comfort in our government, the medical field, and as most of us know, the entertainment industry. Many of us are familiar with theories about the Illuminati, the greys, so on and so forth, but I’m not here to really dive deep into that, but it is important we become aware of the truth. I mentioned at the beginning of this post that there is a reason we’ve been seeing such shake-ups in our world right now, with the current president in office, climate change and becoming more eco-conscious, the #metoo movement, and the rise of food awareness and the inclusion of natural healing modalities with western medicine. We are in a period of a new revolution, you are a part of a new revolution, where our voices are needed even louder and are being heard! And we need to stand up in place of integrity instead of anger. While it’s ok to be angry and pissed off, darkness cannot fight darkness. They will definitely try and fight back, but it’s only shining our light brighter and bolder that dissipates and ultimately banishes the dark. Fear is simply just the absence of love.

Even on a smaller scale, when we go to places like bars, clubs, or just areas with larger crowds such as the airport or amusement parks, we need to understand these energetic principals. We’re becoming more empathic and sensitive to energies, and as we continue to step into our role as a lightworker, or even just progress on our spiritual path, dark forces and energies like to wait around for the slightest crack in our field. And if we’re not careful, we can allow lower vibrations, energies, and entities to attach themselves to us. When this happens, we can experience our moods shifting at a moments’ notice. We can feel fear, anger, anxiety, and depression. We can feel tired and drained. Sometimes we just don’t feel like ourselves. I’m finding more and more in my practice, I have been doing and teaching a lot more banishing and protection work, and teaching you how to take your power back in every instance! There is something to be said for being conscious and working to maintain a higher vibration, and staying in the emotional realms of love and joy in order to keep everything unsavory at bay…and far apart from us. And let me just make it clear, there is nothing to be afraid of! You are always safe, and you always have an angelic team surrounding you to call upon. You will never be possessed and no one and nothing can ever control you, unless you consciously give it power. Nothing is every going to swoop in the minute you feel sad or afraid. Remember, always honor your emotions first and foremost as there is always a lesson or blessing, and everything we experience is ultimately for our highest evolution and growth.

So try as we might, we can no longer stay ignorant! It is our responsibility to know and share information on how to protect and clear our energies on a daily basis. You don’t need to be a healer or shaman to do it either. Consider these practices are necessary spiritual maintenance. It is just as important to take care of ourselves on this level as it is to brush our teeth and wash our hands every day. This isn’t just for the woo-woo world any longer. These practices, this work, is universal work. And you my friend are a part of this universe. And if you’re someone who needs a little science thrown into the mix, just think about the concepts of energy and quantum physics. Our entire world, we are all made up of energy. Creating energetic boundaries and taking care of ourselves in that manner may actually be even MORE important than taking care of ourselves physically. I mean still do all of it, because balance and all, but you get my point. Our light and the light of this planet is our strength, and it is essential to our livelihood and that of future generations that we know about and do this work. That we make ourselves a priority and improve our self-care and thus our self-love. I know there are so many people, including myself at one point, who ask themselves who am I to make a difference? But again I’m here to remind you that there are no accidents and source, however you choose to call it, created you and brought you here for a reason. You make a HUGE difference and an impact whether you realize it or not. And it begins within. It all matters on how you’re treating and feeling about yourself. We need you. The planet, this earth, this universe needs you and your unique magic and light.

I want you to take a minute and think of the ripple effect one smile to a stranger can cause. What’s that line from the movie Even Almighty? Once small act of random kindness at a time. But it always starts and ends with yourself.

For all the complete breakdown of the why’s and how to’s of easy but powerful energetic protection, clearing, grounding, and self-care, make sure to grab a copy of my BACK TO BASICS GUIDE!!

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